Possible Group Buy on early seat covers

  • Chased down this website http://www.sklapendra.de who make leather seat covers for a variety of cars including early MX-3s
    The cost is £312 for real leather front covers and what they call "leather oh formation" on the backs. (damn internet translators!)
    I've emailed them asking about an accurate quote for the MX-3 including delivery and asking whether there would be any discount for a group buy. Looking forward to their reply but I was wondering how many other people on here would consider one of these sets.
    When I asked for a set to be made by a car re-upholsterer in cheltenham he quoted me £800 - £900 plus material so to me this sounds like a bit of a bargain.
    I will post up their reply to my email when I get it but put your name down now if you might be interested.
    I would love to get a price of £250 but we'll have to wait and see.

  • Had a speedy reply (and one in english!) see below:


    I think it is better if we talk english then.

    The prices depend on the colour and on the fabric.
    We manufacture artificial leather, alcantara and natural leather.
    That are the general prices:
    artificial leather - 350 Euro (237.433 GBP)
    artificial leather with alcantara or natural leather middles - 400 Euro (271.352 GBP)
    completely natural leather or alcantara or mixed - 580 Euro (393.460 GBP)

    If you order more we can make a discount.
    But we manufcature only for the MX 3 pre facelift seats.
    Shipping to Britain costs 29,- Euro for 1 kit.
    2 kits 44,-
    4 kits 88,-
    and so on…

    Best regards

    Rodion Enkin

    Let me all know what you think of prices, orders, etc. I'll email again asking for prices for set numbers if I get any interest...

  • would these be for the 1993 mx bucket seats??

  • pre face lift
    so yea, i would imagine :D
    sounds like a good price too me
    i jus bought an interior off ebay tho
    otherwise i would definately be in
    do they make pre made door card covers too fit??

  • @09384410d2=freedom:

    do they make pre made door card covers too fit??

    Not that I know of but I will ask them.

    And yes they are for the 1993 buckets. I have a '92 so I would definately be getting some. I think they will do a varity of colours too, I have seen black with red inserts on their website and also black with cream. Need to ask them wat colours are available too.
    I think the price will drop with more people in but I don't know how much by.

  • C'mon, seriously no one's interested?????
    No commitment at this stage people. Just want to know if there's anyone else that's thinking about it???

  • I quite like non-leather seats to be honest, as you don't slip about on the corners…I can't afford that kind of money either unfortunately!

  • i bought a pair of seat covers at halfords for 20 quid and they fit like a glove and look quite good too

  • i find it hard for getting covers for mine as i have the pre 1993 bucket seats in here. only thing i could find to fint was from argos. for 30 ish quid. however depending on the price of theses i might be interested. but if too expensive i might just refrab mine.


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