• Hi all I took my induction off to see the VAF inside and looks a good restriction with the size of it.

    I have a MAF from my Mazda Lantis 2.0 V6 with the code B6BF on it I currently have the JE50 Vaf on

    Is there a way to change these over as the MAF looks better for air flow

    The MAF I want to put on

  • Not sure, depends if it'll give the same resistance values as the VAF for the ECU to read. Even if you can configure the wiring to run MAF instead of VAF.

    I know our VAF has the IAT sensor built into it too. Not sure if the MAF does for the KF?

    The KF 2.0 and K8 1.8 are the same engine as far as I know. The KF is just a bored out version, everything else is the same as a K8 compared to a KL which have a few differences. Internally that is not sure about wiring or sensors.

    I would say bung on the KF ECU and run a MAF but not sure of the differences between the harnesses. Some people on .com have droped in a KF but apparently that install is harder to do than a DE/ZE? :?

    I guess the way to go for least restriction would be a MAP sensor. Now that would be something if we could figure that out without mega squirt!


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