Front bumper removal problem

  • I tried to take of my front bumper as there is a scuff on it and I have a replacement bumper. I think I have everything undone except the bolts under the wheel arch. Is it a nut on the top or some kind of expanding thing that needs to be broken off and replaced? Itjust seems to spin and never seems to undo at all, on both sides.

  • if i rememer it is a nut behind

  • I will try and get some mole grips on it in that case.

    Can anyone confirm this for me?


  • Check this out fella,

    locations of all the fixings leaving the bumper support in place. Workshop Manual/S/92_S-017.gif

    There are hidden bolts every where, 2 that normaly get missed are behind the indicators.

    If you're taking the support too, undo all the fixings around the wings. 2 from around the grill and then the 2 holding the support on just infront of the Rad. They sort of below headlight level to the left and right of the rad. Hard to get to but doable with a spanner and lots of patience!

  • @a9d37c53d6=Mikey:

    Hard to get to but doable with a spanner and lots of patience!

    Ratchet spanner is invaluable for these! Metric 14 :) Cheapo ratchet spanners by Rolson :D

  • don't need the cheepo one. Got me a massive spanner, socket and rachet set from halfords for christmas :D

    I will be giving this a blast on saturday.

    Thanks :)

  • You have to remove the big plastic reinforcement (be careful as the bolts can easily come loose from the plastic and will just spin, and need refixing) at the same time as the bumper otherwise you will have to remove the front headlights to remove two bolts that hold the bumper to the rienforcement.

    Some of the plastic screws you just need to prise out the centre circle with a small screwdriver.

  • Sorry I am not following you? which big plastic re-enforcement?

    I am sure it would help if I could see the car! tomorrow afternoon I will be doing this so will be on here asking questions untill its done I would think. haha.

  • This pic shows the plastic rienfircement I was on about:

    The next two pics show the bolts that you have to remove to undo the plastic rienforcement, there are 4 in total 2 on each side, below is the passenger side. Red arrow shows how you get at it, from under the car for bothe these two nuts:

    This pic shows the other way of removing the bumper, you can leave the rienforcement on but you have to remove the headlight to get to this bolt. Red arrow shows how you get at it, by removing the headlighe in this case (unless you have special tools):

    Removing the rienforcment is the easiest way, but sometimes it will not come off as the nots get rusty and you will either have yo use a nut splitter or try it the other way by removing the headlight.

    It is a real pain to remove the headlight, you need to remove all the bolts from the bumper that you can get to, then undo the top bolts holding on the wing so it can move a bit then you simply man handle the light out but is easy to damage it and the bumper.

    When I removed mine I did it a different way again, insteah of removing the headlight to get at the tricky bolt, I removed the underarch plastics and got onto the tricky bolt that way, but to do this you need a wobble extension going into a flexi extension going into a 360 degree knuckle then the 10mm socket, as you have to do an S bend to get onto it. Worked fine for me if you have the tools. See pic below:

  • Hope that helps.

    When I removed mine I tried removing the Rienforcement first but the nuts started coming off then got stuck so I sprayed em with WD40 and gave it some welly but the actual stud bolt that goes into the Rienforcement came loose from the plastic and just started spinning and would not come off.

    So then I removed the drivers side headlight to get at the tricky bolt, I had swapped headlights like this before and its tricky but doable, just put some electrical tape round where the bumper meets the light so you don,t scratch it.

    Once I hat the light out and could finally see the bolt I realised that with the correct tools I could probably get to it without removing the light so on the passenger side I managed to undo it with the light still in place, buts a good job i've got small hands!! You can do it but it was tight squeeze.

    I had to reach up and put the socket on the bolt head, then attach the knucle and flexi extension tohether and thae the wabble extension then the ratchet. It was tricky but it worked.

    Afterwards I then had to use a nut splitter to get off the rienforcement.

  • Thanks for the pictures, great help :)

    I am half way through I think, got to stop and eat now before I get shouted at for letting food go cold. haha.

    Am I right in saying that 4 bolts for the reinforcement, 2 top front bolts on the bumper and 2 under the wheel arches are all I need to undo to get the bumper off in total?

  • all done.

    Thanks guys :D


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