Early morning blues

  • its happened twice before, once just after an oil change and again the morning after a long drive and now this morning.

    is this what they call running rich? and what are the implications of this?

    done the usual checks no mayo runs fine no hiccups just plumes of smoke that stop once its warm…..

  • What type of oil did you use?

  • This could be a symptom of stem seals i think…

  • garage did the oil and filter change but shoed them the o/m and it says 10W 30 so i guess thats what they used?

  • I was gonna say stem seals too, but you'd see it every morning rather than once in a blue moon if they start to go. Once they start they don't stop.

    Could just be oil vapour condensing in the inlet manifold from the PCV system. Over night dribbles down to on top of the valves and gets burnt up once started. Could explain wjy it's only once every while.

    Oil seems fine, you got a 1.6 right? 10w30 should be fine

    I always use 5w30 but i'm running the V6, stops ticky HLA's and cylinder 6 is the last to get oil, so anything to help it get there is a bonus. Not that it matters but just giving my reasoning!

  • yeah its a 1.6, i put in an additive to stop the annoying taxi engine noise, i also checked the oil levels and they seem a bit high…

  • If its too high the oil might be forced up the breathers when under pressure. :(

  • @c84a11e87d=Mechanic:

    If its too high the oil might be forced up the breathers when under pressure. :(


    I'd go with that too.

  • hmmmm sowhat do you reckon then drain some off or will it burn out on its own? is this gonna cause mech damage or just be an annoying now and again issue?

  • I'd drain some off James. Too much oil causes over pressure and can blow a seal, or in your case push it into the breathers.

    Too much oil can be just as bad as too little.

    I'd aim for filling it between half and max on the dipstick. I'm a bit OCD and never brim it.

    When did the garage do the oil change? Depending on how may miles you've done since then, for the sake of £20 - £30 (depending where you shop, stay away from Halfrauds, unless you have to but take some lube and prepare to be analy intruded) for a decent semi synthentic oil and oil filter you could drop the lot and replace.

  • Could be rings…
    Could be stem seals...

  • thanks mikey think i will drain a bit off before i go ahead and replace, its not happened since i posted though.
    the garage changed it 2 weeks ago.

  • If it was only 2 weeks ago yea just drain some off.

    Most garages overfill, they measure it out into a jug straight from the big oil drum they have, pour in the lot and never bother to check on the dip stick.

    Hope fully it was just one of those things!

    As Welly said it could be the rings going. This causes a bit of blow by and increasing the oil pressure pushing it up into the breathers too. You'd probably get it more regular though like if the stem seals were shot. Hopefully it's neither though.

    Just keep an eye on it.

  • will do cheers :)


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