Klze tuning advice for drag racing please

  • as many of you guys now i have started doing a road leagal drag car project but im stuck
    on what to do to get the most out of the ze in the space af a quater mile
    im in the process in purchesing a millenia klze with a new fidanza flywheel and a few other bits to do the convertion
    im open to any surgestion what i can do please

    :D :D :D

  • You have probably thought of it but weight reduction is a must.

    Get creative and remove as much as physically possible, then start to replace necessary items with lighter ones. :D

  • **Some friends of mine run a road-legal dragster - 9.5 @ 145. Though they're some way from the world of FWD drag, many of the same principles apply so I can have a chat to them if you like.

    If you're looking for an all-out FWD dragster, you'll be needing really fat front tyres, spacesavers on the back and an 8-foot wheelie bar 2mm off the deck to prevent weight transfer off the drive wheels. You'll also be looking for as much power as possible and unless you're looking to blow £40k on it, I'd say your best bet isn't a KL-ZE, but a 323 GT-R's BPD and swap out the turbo and intercooler for the biggest rad and snail on the planet. Those blocks are easily good for 350hp before words like "forged" start coming into your life and all your money leaves.**

  • Megasuirt to squeeze all the power out, with coilpacks for hotter spark, flat shift and launch control.

    If you want real power you'll have to think about getting more air in:
    turbo - 11 sec car, 350WHP has been done on standard internals
    m62 supercharger - who knows, probably high 12/13
    ITBs - 11 sec if you do it right, but high reving NA builds are expensive.
    Nitrous oxide - easy way to take your ZE up to 300bhp

    Decent cold air/ram air intake
    Straight through exhaust or electric cutout
    Underdrive pulley

    Non power mods:
    drag slicks and light wheels - hack your 60ft down to under 2seconds
    LSD - again getting that power down
    careful gear selection - optimising powerbands with various gear ratios
    Coilovers - hard setup to prevent weight transfer
    Solid polyurethane engine mounts - get them from AWR
    Polyurethane control arm bushings

    Weight loss:
    all deadening out
    polycarbonate rear and side windows… ay what Garfy?
    sun roof/motor
    manual windows
    cut out spare wheel well, replace with flat sheet
    Composite front wings, bonnet, boot, sunroof
    Lightweight battery

    Just be careful reving out ZEs with the stock intake valve retainers, they've been known to crack and high revs and the springs are a bit weak and can result in valve float.

  • Yeah i've seen a BPD doing 450 bhp once its been uprated. Rare to find nowdays and expensive but so are the tuning options for the KLZE.

    But as far as the KLZE tuning goes you have 3 main options:

    • Fit Throttle Bodies
    • Supercharge it
    • Turbo it

    And fit Magasquirt, thats a must.

  • hey jay when i got the klze and wanted to do a throttle body setup, with the lightned flywheel and some cams its would be such a good track car really respnsosive!, if you want bragging rights and lag you should go for a turbo setup or supercharged.. the eaton superchargers are the ones to get.

  • thanks everyone is given me a few ideas and a few goals to aim for thanks


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