A few vacuum problems, pictures inside

  • Hey hey

    So i'm almost done and we have a few vaccum hoses that we have no clue where to put em. We've checked the wiring diagrams but we are not sure.


    From the throttlebody

    Any idea?

    No idea what this does, i have no cable for it :o , seems like a vacuum vent or something.

    More picture of this vacuum vent.

    All help is apprecicated.

    Engine is KLZE from Millenia -95.

  • The top two pics look like they are duplicates of the same vacuum line that should run from the bottom of the PCV (Purge valve on the bulkhead) to the Throttle Body.


    Has the Mystery Vacuum solenoid got any coloured dots on it?
    Where do the vacuum lines coming from it go to?
    I can't tell from the pic but does it only have 2 vacuum lines coming from it?
    Count the number of vacuum solenoids you have on your car.

    To me it looks like its just an extra Solenoid that was part of the EGR on the Millenia that you do not need, but answer the questions above and we can tell you for sure.


    KL vacuum

    Here are two KLZE vacuum diagrams, the top one is with egr the bottom one is without.

  • I will take a look for color marks today, and yes there is only 2 vacuum going from it, just below the cablehookup and i will also count the nr of solenoids :)


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8STNmeS4x30

    Short movie, i hope you can follow.

    There are 2 vacuum lines from the unkown connection, but both end up in one each of those i have left over.

    First one goes all the way past the throttlebody, the other goes abit behind the engine and ends up in nothing.

    There is also a white ( i think ) dot on the connection.

  • Hi Lerutis,

    I can't see the vid in work, but I'll have a look tonight when I get in.

    Has the ZE you've put in got an EGR??

    At a guess, if it hasn't, those 2 vacuum hoses are for the EGR, the long one that goes past the TB would plug into the clean air side of the air filter box, the other that goes behind the engine would go on the EGR it's self. The pink and light purple lines in the diagram with EGR (top one).

    In the diagram you can see a T piece from the VRIS 1 solenoid, remove this and replace with a straight connector. You can then remove the EGR vent solenoid and EGR vacuum solenoid. No more spare vacuum lines!

    Hope that helps.

  • Yes it had EGR just behind the Engine, not the normal place where for ex the K8 engine have it, more like behind the VRIS solenoids. We removed it anyway :)

    I will check if i can do that you are suggesting, also curious what you will say when you can check the vid.

    Thanks for all your help!

  • Here is a picture of the EGR that we removed.

  • Ok some more updates with more pics, i kind of checked one of the vacuum pipes wrong.

    Here we go :

    1. Ok, so, one of the vacuum lines runs this way and into one of the solenoids back there, not the unknown one i've have, but to one of the vris solenoids.

    2. And this is the other that is free and we have no clue bout, this is where it's connected on the engine.

    3. And again one more pic on the third solenoid thingie:

    4. A bigger tube that is left over, we think this was used for the water and cooling, any ideas? can we plug it ?

  • If you are not running EGR then you have your vacuum way wrong at the moment.

    Just copy this pic:

    You can remove all the Vacuum solenoids in this pic:

    All three of them can go if your not running EGR.

    All you need are the 2 VRIS solenoids, the PCV Solenoid and the FPR Solenoid. So only 4 should be on your car

  • I read on MX-3.com that my third thingie is the Purge Control, but also that my Mx3 have it built in the firewall.

    Does this mean i dont need to plugin the one i have on the IM?

  • No as I said you can remove, just use the one on the firewall.

  • Hi again!

    Thanks alot for your help, i will do what you said asap and then we're ready to fire it up :)

    Can you help me aswell with the forth picture?


  • Make sure you put the brake booster pipe on, noticed it was off in your pics.

    And blank off any open vacuum ports on the IM if there are any.

    What ECU are you using?

  • Ah yes, im about to buy abit longer hose for the brakes.
    I'm gonna use K8 ecu and je50 vaf until i get the probinatorchip.

    Sry again, but do you know what i can do with the 4:th picture? My dad thought it was for the water cooling system but we can't hook it up anywhere.


  • I can't tell where that pic ture is can you take one further out.

    There are two heater matrix hoses it could be. (they attach to black plastic fittings on the firewall)

    There are two fuel lines, one goes to the filter one to one of the rails I think.

    Check those.

  • 4th looks to me like the coolant to goto millenia auto gearbox. It's hard to tell on the photo, but my engine has a similar 2 port outlet. Mine is just blocked off.

  • Ah cool, guess we will try to plug it and see :)

  • Take a better pic first incase its not something you want to plug :wink:


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