Anyone using HEL brakelines: Please read this.

  • I am taking this from another forum from somebody who had being supplying HEL brake lines who has been made aware of a possible problem regarding them.




    This was bought to my attention by my customer when he went for a MOT test.
    My customer drives an Accord Type R. I fitted a set of HEL braided brake lines to his car less than 11 months/10,000 mile ago.
    During the MOT test visual inspection, the MOT tester points out that his brake lines are cracking, then it went onto the brake roller test, when maximum brake pressure as applied, one of the brake lines burst and squirted brake fluid all over the inside of the wheel. Instant failure.
    The old brake lines were refitted to get the car through the MOT.
    This is when i got the phone call about the situation.

    I went to check out the brake lines, and whilst i was there, i thought it would be a good idea to check over 2 other cars that i fitted HEL braided lines to.

    The ATR had the HEL brake lines fitted less than 9 months ago, with less than 6000 miles on them,
    The ITR had the HEL brake lines fitted less than 6 months ago, with less than 6000 miles on them.

    BOTH of them showed signs of cracking/splitting.
    The ATR had 1 brake line (OSF) which was cracking in the same place as the ATR which failed on the mot.

    the ITR had started cracking on both front brake lines where the brake line support bolts to the suspension.

    The fault seems to stem from the design. namely the support bracket which bolts to the suspension.
    the OEM brake line has a bracket which is at a fixed point on the brake line, whereas the HEL brake line has bracket which slides up and down the length of the brake line.
    When the HEL brake line is fitted, and the bracket bolted onto the suspension, the problem occurs when you turn the steering wheel. as you turn into the brake line, the brake line does not slide in the bracket, but as you turn away from the brake line, the brake line is pulled tight as it slides in the bracket to stretch as the caliper moves further away from the chassis.
    but as you turn back into the brake line, the tension isn't released, the brake line isn't fed back through the bracket and over time, it seems this is what is causing the cracking/splitting, which leads to it eventually bursting.

    I have sent an email to HEL to see what they have to say on the problem.

    but in the meantime, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHECK YOUR BRAKE LINES!!!!!!!

    i'm relieved that the ATR brake line burst on the MOT rollers and not on the road when braking hard with his baby daughter in the back seat.
    but quite suprised that HEL lines would fail after such short duration of usage.

    i found this on the accord owners club and thought i'd pass this info on! hopefully it will not affect anyone on here.

  • only for reference to others. Im on Goodridge lines from demon tweeks. Had them for about 4 years now. Not had any problems to date.
    Never actually heard of HEL ?

  • **I have a set of HEL brakelines I've not fitted - there's a patch of corrosion on the hardline and I didn't really want to play with the union at that time.

    HEL are highly-rated in the bike world and I know a guy with them on his Mk1 MR2. The quoted individual is right in that HEL has a sliding collar which mounts to the suspension - but on our cars the stock lines have a fixed collar which mounts to the suspension.

    I'm of the opinion that either the installation wasn't quite right (what with the different design) or the maintenance wasn't - HEL lines have a PVC outer cover (along which the collar slides) which comes in the colour of your choice. Get crap on the lines and don't bother cleaning them and the collar will stop sliding pretty quick - it's pretty free-moving out of the box. If there was a manufacturing/design defect, it would be known about long before now.**


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