Experiances so far

  • Well I went out and got my 1st MX3 yesterday, got the train to birmingham and drove back to edinburgh 600 mile round trip

    Ive got the Eunos so its limited at 112MPH same as my Lantis was, my clocks go upto 100mph its funny to see the needle go off the clock, previous owner thinks it went to 140mph lmao, is there any way to take off the limiter?

    I crashed my old V6 because of understeer so tried the mx3 out seing as it was raining a little to see if its any better(this was carried out in a safer area) and it done pretty much the same and i was only doing 20-30mph, would this be due to poor front tyres? there budget at the moment

    Going to re allign the car aswell in case its out after i put on my rota's

    I filled her up with very expensive petrol down south :S £1.25 for 95 ron :shock: as the light was on I managed to get 310 miles out of this tank, how much does you guys average, i know i will get less city driving but its a big upgrade from my MX5 petrol comsumtion.

    So far I do like the car its seats are comfy and alot better than what my mx5 was for ride comfort, The exhaust is alot louder than what my 2.0 v6 was but there isnt as much induction noise. Im hoping this is down to the shoddy induction kit thats on it so will be investing in a K&N Apollo as soon as i have spare funds as I know this gives off a maahooosive roar when taking the plastic covering off and good performance when its inclosed with a cold air feed

    Oooo and the lights are pish lol cant tell the differnce between normal driving and full beam so the 1st thing ive ordered is some HID's :)

  • :D Congrats. Some rare parts on it too.


    Oooo and the lights are pish lol cant tell the differnce between normal driving and full beam so the 1st thing ive ordered is some HID's :)

    In the pictures in the add you linked to the front lights looked like they were tinted with some black spray tint, which is probably why they are really bad. :wink:

    Mine doesn't understeer heavily. Investing in some quality tyres will improve it a lot.

  • Congrats on the purchase…bought my first one a year ago as a toy and ended up keeping it!! You'll love it a lot :D

    As for the lights, I didn't see any pics, but I've had the same problem. Many people here have upgraded the bulbs to the Philips 55W H4s (http://shop.ebay.co.uk/?_from=R40&_trksid=p3907.m570.l1313&_nkw=philips+55w+h4&_sacat=See-All-Categories) you can find on eBay, but when I tried there was no difference, so like you a HID upgrade (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/H4-SLIM-LINE-XENON-HID-KIT-6000K-mazda-mx-3-91-99-/290441135155?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item439fa40433) is the way forward!

    Mine tended to understeer, especially in the wet, but I got myself a rear strut brace from Corksport (http://www.corksport.com/corksport-rear-strut-bar.html) and it has tended to perform better. It's still a little scrubby, but has improved the handling loads.

  • Ive gone for the cheaper option :P


    I had 8k on my old car and they looked the dogs

    Im i right in thinking that the side lights are 501's?

    also what is the bulb type on the fogs, I like my front end all to look the same bulb wise, it has shabby neon blue side lights at the moment

  • Have you fitted those HIDs? I haven't yet bought mine, but if you can recommend a set I'll go with those…and save myself a few bob too :D

    I believe the sidelights are 501, but someone else might like to clarify. There are loads of LEDs on eBay for no money at all.

  • yeah I had a pretty good set before, pm'd someone on another forum to re link me the website, Ive not fitted them yet but the picture of the ballast on there add is the exact same as what i had fitted before

    Will get a before after pic of them and let you guys see what there like

  • Much appreciated mate 8)

  • Get it lowered and some decent rubber.

    I've never had trouble with mx3 handling. In fact I find the car does what I want. If I want it to fill the road with tyre smoke on corners just nail the throttle and ta da one wheel drive!
    On flat roads I've had no problems it's very solid, On hilly roads it's a bit twitchy hit a corner with nose facing down found braking puts all weight at front and back is insanily light!
    Although I've not had experience of the oem shocks as mine were leaking as soon as I brought it so lowered it on lejous springs and bilsteins shocks.
    Had ecstas on oem 15 rim ( very good ) now on 17 yokohamas parda also very good.
    Oh I also have jdm limiter! Is very annoying as car hits limiter backs off then kicks in at full throttle and throws a nice flame! There is a wire to cut but does make car run slightly rich so I would run it via a key switch. Consult mechanic on forum as I believe he has done mod.


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