(DIY mod) Raising bonnet

  • I suppose you could call it an aesthetics mod as it looks well and is changing the appearience of your car. but the main function of this is to allow trapped hot air to flow out of your engine bay quicker and easier.
    thus reducing core temprature.

    Im not taking and heat for any damage you do while doing this but there is practically no chance of any damage happening!

    it is possable to do this alone but if you can get someone to help.

    you will need.
    Vice grips,
    4 threaded bars (8mm) approx 3 inches long
    12 or 16 nuts depending on height you want… (to fit 8mm threaded bar)

    Step one…
    open your bonnet and using your vice grips remove the nuts that attaches your bonnet hindge to your bonnet on one side.
    (dont worry the bonnet wont budge much and wont fall on you)
    "old nuts"

    Step two…
    Push 2 of the new threaded bolts through the exasting space where the old ones were...

    Step three….
    Thread (i went with 16 nuts each bar raised by 4 nuts) 4 nuts onto each of the bolts...

    Step four…
    Tighten the bolts into the bonnet where the old bolts were threaded through. (leaving a bit loose to be tightened later)


    Step five…
    Repeat step 1-4 again this time when your removing the original nuts watch out as the bonnet will roll to the other side.

    Step six...
    When you have the bolts threaded into the bonnet throught the hindges tighten all bolts propperly.

    Step seven...
    Slowly close your bonnet watching the edges making sure they dont catch the 1/4 pannels. (they may catch the first time you close it as mine did but didnt catch again after that.)

    Your done stand back and give yourself a pat on the back!
    Easy mod, worth the 20 minutes it will take you!


    If you do this to your car please throw up a picture aswell!

  • Now with pics!

  • i no you like your performance mods, but i always think it looks like its had a prang when its lifted like that!

  • I suppose it is a cheap alternative to putting a bonnet vent in.

  • yeah, its a good idea, it would pull loads of air past the engine, but I'm not too sure about the looks either, can you get a photo or 2 more, maybe from slightly further away, so we can see the whole car?

  • will do tomorrow!

    was at my friends house (who i nicked his idea off) and he recons mine is still a bit low!

  • Thats functional, not my idea of looking good but i respect the simlicity of it. I will do that for 1/4 drag days and track days as it will flow air but remain aerodynamic.

    Cheers 8)

  • yea might aswell if your going hard on the car for the day!

    i can now actually notice a difference on the standard temp gauge! its a good bit lower! and takes alot longer to rise!


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