• Ordered a set of springs May 23. They have changed the status to Back-order (does this mean not in stock, but ordered?) and do not reply to my emails. Should I be concerned? Has someone ordered from them before?

  • Back order does mean they have ordered them as not in stock, depends who their supplier is and where they are getting them from.

    If you are worried and you do not get anything from them after 28 days then start taking steps to reclaim your moneyt as you are covered if you paid by paypal or visa/mastercard. If the seller cannot prove to your card that you have received them then you will get a full refund

  • Yeah, guess I'l have to wait a while. Strange that they dont answer to emails though. :?:

  • I found that they are run by if you look for the sites owners on google you will find their address which is

    POTN LTD, 35 Duncan Close, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6WL

    Then take this address and google it again and as they are a registered trader, it shows the map of where they are and their phone number

    0845 345 9755

    All their websites refuse to give out their phone number and deal only in email so I guess that they do that because they sell so much stuff and are so slow at delivering it that they are fed up of being abused on the phone

    Also under the phone number on google they have a POOR business rating in their rating section and all are the same for POTN and their associated websites, very slow at delivering, wrong orders sent out and all of them were ignored via email, so I guess try and get the cash back.

    If you are unsure about a business, type their name into google and read the comments and reviews, some of the best ones are for phones 4U as they are a crap shop

    But thats their phone number above so just ring them and abuse them

  • POTN

    What they do is take your order, then try and find the part from one of their suppliers.

    There prices are often well out of date on the websites and they often cannot get the parts anymore and also are well known for eventually saying that they cannot get the part at the advertised price.

    I've rang them a few times to get prices but they basically told me that they don't know, how much or if they could get it anymore and it was still advertised on their website.


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