Engine mounts doest not fit 100% Millenia KLZE

  • Hi,

    I have another question that i just stumble on.

    The left engine mount in my MX3 bay is like 1cm different from the engine itself, it just dont fit 100%.

    Anyone have a idea how i can solve this?

    It's the engine mount too the left if you stand infron of the car, i can fit it but then the other mounts missfit.

    Engine is from a Millenia -95

    Best regards!


  • That's why! The above mount was from a millenia, not mx6 as I wrote on the jpg years ago.

    The guy who owned my ZE before me just used some metal spacers as shown in picture to get it about the right height to torque down on. Worked for years for him. If you can swap it for your mx3 mount go for it though. It does require removing the timing belt cover.

  • Thank you!

    I still have both engines in the air so i will make the swap :)

    Piew, i almost started crying !

  • I did that the first time I did a KLZE swap. :D

    Hope you took lots of pics of the swap, oh and do a write up while your at it. The more the merrier :wink:

  • ill be doing a ke swap early next year so will take photos too

  • Hey =)

    I will do a writeup, did not take anyphotos but i will write all the problems i stumbled on and how we solved em.

    The engine is now in place, we changed the mounts =) no problem.

    Thanks all!

  • Hi obvously it will not really fit in your engine as you can see the size the other one is much bigger than the other one. where did you buy it? You can go back to your OEM dealer and try to swap it into the right one. Before buying a part you should know what size and part are you buying remember to tell them the model of your car they will help you find a part that you are looking just an advice! glad to help

    Lisza Bailey
    auto parts dealer


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