Some help

  • As some know im looking for a MX3 I am stupid with money alot of the time and normally leave myself skint, normally the case of food for the week or a set of alloys or exhaust or this that and the other.

    I like the look of the black one i listed in another post, but as some have said its pricey for what it is.

    Im looking for a nice clean MX3 pre 95 incase i take on the klze transfer, ive had alot of 2.0 V6's in the 323'fs but always wanted more poke even though the sound was the best in the world it wasnt enough

    Ive around 1100 to play with but then that leaves me with no money to mod or do anything so if anyone can help point me in the right direction for what you think is a bargain buy please link here, im from edinburgh EH8 so anything as close as posible will be a bonus, im searching auto trader, gumtree, ebay and piston heads every 10 mins lol but if u hear anything from word of mouth that will be brilliant

    I am considering this, what you guys think bargain buy??

  • Looks tidy, take it for a spin :D


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