Dashboard surrounds

  • Hi all while being a nosey giat on other sites I came across this and want one now

    The dashboard surround on the american import autozams have 4 buttons :shock:
    What are these buttons and can you get them on the UK versions or do I have to scour america for one of these

  • the two on the left side are for cruise control on and off, the rest of the buttons for the cruise control are on the steering wheel. the other two buttons on the right are hazard which is the red one and rear window defrost. as far as i know only the american/canadian models came with these, the guy also has the euro dash vent's with the open close wheel and the chrome inner door handles. i've got about 5 part's car's dismantled in the shop right now if you were looking for anything, i don't know if there is the wiring in the presso for these button's or not, the harness is supposed to be the same around the world and is only flipped for rhd or lhd but i've been noticing alot of differences.

  • Hmm look like they could do me…
    Launch Control on/off
    Supercharger on/off

    Might have to pick one these up :)

  • If you have one of those surrounds, how much to post to UK, if you have more than one then I am sure others will buy them

    As for the wiring, things can be changed :D

  • i think there may be three of them at the shop, i will have to get the size and weight to get a shipping quote, if there are any other part's you guy's are looking for from our mx-3's let me know. i will get back to you.

  • Heya dali, how much for all 3 and I will shift the others on to members here.
    Try not to send via USPS or similar as we get stung for import duties with them posting parcels to here, try DHL, fedex or UPS they are usually quite good at not stinging us for taxes.
    I recommend DHL it would be around $60 to send those with DHL

  • sound's good. i will go out to the shop tomorrrow to see how many my friend has. i will let you know.

  • Thanks, look forward to it

  • is it the dash part behind it wich is different to locate the extra switches into??!! as the cowling in front looks like you could just bore out two extra holes either side for the switches…


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