MAF conversion for OBD1?

  • Hi !

    I've been searching around like a crazy man and all i can find is a MAF conversion guide för OBD2 at

    Is there any way to do it for OBD1 ?

    I have KLZE from a Millenia -95, the ECU fits my MX3 -92 perfect, but the engine came with a MAF and it would be cool to use it instead of switching to a chipped ECU etc.

    Hope you can help me!

    Best regards.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum, please can you add your location into your profile…

    I seem to sort of understand this, klze i get..but what ecu and maf do you have..
    iirc do you not use the je50 maf for this and either a kl31 or kl36 ecu .....

  • Just because it fits does not mean that all the wires are in the same place.
    The OBDII MX3 ECU fits fine but nearly all of the wires are in the wrong place.
    So you would need the Millenia engine loom and then you would need pinouts for the MX3 ECU and the Millenia ECU and you would have to splice the Fusebox, interior and lighting loom where they go into the ECU, where they are different on the pinouts.

    For £80 ish you can buy a chip, buy a chippable ecu and get it professionally chipped. And if your ECU is alrady Chippable then its only £55.

    If you have an OBDII loom in your car then thats a different problem, I've done 4 ZE swaps now and been in an OBDII KLZE and I can definately say that if you have an OBDII car then I would swap out the entire loom and put in an OBDI loom. Easily done in a few days, even quicker if the engines already out and you if you have a few mates helping even quicker.
    The engine loom is the easy bit to swap, its the interior, lighting and fuse box looms that are the pain.

  • Hi all, thanks for your answers!

    I've changed my location :)

    My backup solution is :

    I acctualy have ordered the Probinator chip for my K8 ECU and i do have the JE50 VAF, no problem but since i read about MAF conversion and how nice it would be i thought i'd ask about it here.

    The ECU i got from the Millenia is KL70 marked all over the place and the item code number on it is : 18-881B.
    The MAF i got from the engine is marked with KL42.
    So well, i guess you are right about the fitting and i'm looking for the easiest way of doing this so i guess i won't be doing any OBDII wireing etc.
    So if i understand this right i have OBDII ecu+maf in my hands :o ?

    What is this professional chip you are talking about ?

    Thanks again for your replies.

  • I just meant getting whatever chip you buy (eg Probinator) professionally put into the ECU.

    I can't see how you would do it without Changing the loom to the milennia one and splicing in some of the internal wiring harness.

    But as I said get a Millenia ECU pinout and compare it with the MX3 ECU pinout and that will tell you exactly what is different between the two. Then there is no guesswork


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