What to do after an accident

  • Hi Folks

    A few days ago, my neighbour drove into my parked car. (see the pictures) Today I spoke with her insurance company. They are offering me 850 Pounds cash in lieu (without even having looked at the car yet) or I could have an appointment in one of their garages where they would assess the car. If I go to the garage they will repair it or if they think the repair would exceed 60% of the value of the car they might write it off and pay me even less money.

    So the big question is: should I take the 850 pounds or should I see the garage.

    Whats the value of a rhd 1991 Mazda MX-3 that ran 150 000 kilometers? It's the V6.

    Please keep in mind I invested an awful lot of money for the bodykit and other modifications I have made. Whats makes this case even more complicated is that this car is from germany and is registered and insured in germany.

    Am I right in assuming that the modifications and the fact that it is a LHD does not increase the value of the car?

    How much would you assume the price for fixing the car?

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  • The bodykit will not have any affect in it's value (some people might even say it will lessen the value) with it being LHD would also have a factor in the value with there being quite a few RHD versions available from £200 upwards.

    If I were you, I'd take the £850 and run.

    I don't think it would cost that much to fix the damage, my girlfriend had similar damage on her Peugeot 206 and that cost £5-600 to fix.

  • Im with nightstalker on this one…

    please note all...
    If you are intending on modifying your car then declare all the modifications to your insurer and make sure you are covered in the event of an accident where your pride and joy could be damaged, get an agreed sum on your policy in the event of damaged or writeoff where this sum would be to replace the car inc modifications...


  • As said take the £850, if you take it to a bodyshop the insurers will write off car as uneconomical to repair,

  • When I owned RSRoadkillas old MX3 I decared all the mods including £2000 worth of paint job and bodykit and had an agreed insurance value of £3500 for the car.

    But you would get a pretty decent fix at a cheap garage for £850, if you can get someone to do it as a foreigner you should be able to get the whole car painted (only in same colour at that price though)


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