SteeleMX3: From across the pond, my 92 MX3 GS

  • Hello all, time to pick my worklog up here I suppose :P

    The Prelude:
    I've got a 1992 Mazda MX3 Precidia, formerly a K8 1.8 v6, converted in February and is now a 200bhp KLZE 2.5 v6 :D

    So I've done a few mods already, had her since August and I've enjoyed every day of it.

    Here are some pictures shortly after I got her in August 2009:

    So those pictures of the interior were taken when I had owned her for long enough to install the seats, get some mazdaspeed pads, and if you're wondering, I have scrapped that gastly knob since :lol:

    Also, engine has not yet been given a right good cleaning, still have it planned but my international move may change that.

    After the swap I made the change complete with the new KL36 ECU:

    I bought a few interior goodies to spruce her up a bit:

    The knob was put in but not the pedals, am saving those until I know for sure if I'm moving or not. I like them too much to leave em :)

    I then ventured to reupholstering my own rear seats in blue vinyl, I like it but to each his own:

    After that I crashed her right into a pole after exiting off the highway, so hit it at about…let's say 50-55mph:

    I took her to a shop shortly after that and got it all sorted out for around $350, so about £200, with some good haggling 8) Unfortunately the hole in the floor wasn't ever sorted :(

    Since then I've just been doing little things here and there, cheap mods if you will lol. Nothing big until I find out about the move.

  • I'll post some pictures of the little projects I mentioned above, here's one to start:

    I should explain it's in electrical tape haha, but it's just a "test" per se and I'm going to go get some vinyl and do it properly very soon.

  • Alright more pics, just some more of he little customizations I've done. None are shop quality but I do me best so no harsh comments :)

    Here's what I've been doing lately, probably about 8 cans of fabric and vinyl spray paint later and the result is:

    I've also been to work on a new boot floor, got a 5/8" piece of plywood, shaped it to the carpet that was already in there, and covered it in blue vinyl. Result:

    picture whoring over 8)

  • When you come back over the pond, bring me your door cards and sun visors ;)

  • hey not too shabby! My favourite is the dark headliner. Very nice indeed :)

  • Did you spray the head liner or replace it?

  • 2 cans of black "dupli-color fabric spray" for the floor mats and headliner. 2 more cans of blue for the rest. worked out to about $45 for the whole interior re-doing. worth every penny haha

  • looking realy good dude looking realy cool may pinch a few of your ideas i you dont mind he he he seats look good to
    :D :D

  • Cheers Jay :)

    Some new bits to add to the DIY projects:

    Custom "eunos" boot cover in preparation for my Eunos rebadging:

    Painted vents:

    Painted steering wheel:

  • good to see you trying


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