High revs at low speed????

  • I have the V6 model and its my second MX-3 V6 and it drives and feels perfect however it always sounds like I'm giving it some, for example I might be travelling at 50mph and in fifth gear the revs are at about 2500 rpm but as I back off the throttle , say on a slight downhill it sounds like its on the over run. The clutch doesnt appear to be slipping, exhaust is standard as are the wheels. It sounds very different to my first one even though it accelerates great and everything is cool it probably sounds to people like I need to change gear or somethin.. Reminds me of a mk1 escort I had running 1600 crossflow on a 1300 gearbox to a 1100 back axle lol….topped out at 50 mph but got there in about 4 seconds...lol... Any ideas???? :roll:

  • Could be dieselling. When was the last oil change? If it was more than 4,500 miles or 12 months ago, consider giving it a flush and oil change.

  • Whats that….I havent heard of that before and is it common on these cars? I am guessin its ready for an oil change anyway.

  • strange

    could be clutch drag…clutch not disengaging properly but u would be able to see this from RPM gauge

    never known of a car to do that because oils old...at the most they tap

  • @873352b997=Nathan:

    Whats that….I havent heard of that before and is it common on these cars?

    **Not particularly.

    Dieselling is when a cylinder fires without a spark (it's how diesel engines work). Essentially you have a hot spot somewhere in the piston - usually a bit of crap stuck in there - and the cylinder fires using any unburned fuel hanging about. Can be caused by crap, squiffy timing or running excessively rich/lean - if you've not noticed a crap fuel economy (low 20s or less), you can probably rule out the last two.**


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