Wilko33's - KLZE Project

  • Well… the beginning of it anyway! Got the engine back to the place I'm storing it for a while. Was going to just clean it up but then bits just kept falling of it as I went along!!!

    Next job is to clean the rocker covers up, had ten minutes to kill so made a start.

    and after a little more

    Curved neck inlet ready to collect next week and ECU is still being found.

  • admin

    Looking good so far mate,

    Trust me, it will be worth it :twisted:

    If you need any advice, let me know :D got it all fresh in my mind!


  • Nice one buddy, need any help give me a call :)

  • So… had a slight problem with something going on the car. VERY large oil patch underneath and continually got worse everytime I turned the engine on... still looking into what this was, however a perfect excuse to get on with it??? I think so!!

    Missing some pics in the middle, i will post more once I get them off my mates phone (better pics). So here goes...

    Not good….........

    Bumper has come off as has the bonnet. And then bits start coming out. Battery, tray, inlet, right hand wiring loom, downpipes, exhaust, gear linkage, radiator…..

    Skip a bit now… and hey presto!!!

  • So now for transfering everything over..

    Started off with the gear box..

    then oil pump and dizzy

    then moved over the flywheel and looked at my lovely new clutch!!!

  • admin

    Dude, that clutch is an excedy yeah!!

    Thats what I have, did your release bearing fit?? Mine didnt :(


  • shit… not even checked it yet, need to get the flywheel bolted on properly first then going to tackle the other end of the clutch.

    New belts will be ordered tommorow I hope, engine back together by saturday night and back in Sunday/Monday (bank holiday fun). The cam belt looks brand new so not sure whethr to replace it with all the timing hassles to go through about changing one. I REALLY know I should and if it was a case of just swapping the belts I would do it but not sure how to line the timing up. cant wait to get it in though!!!!

  • not 100% sure on timing myself but i do remeber being told that there should be a mark on the pulley to line up the belt with, then just stick a timing lamp on it


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