UKMX3ADMIN's 2.5 V6 KLZE NA project ( for now )

  • Thought it was about time I put up a project page. I've had loads of MX-3's in my time and built 4 ZE's now and I still own 3 MX-3's (I don't know why but I always seem to own at least 3)

    I'm now back working on my KLZE and as I have some spare time on my hands is being treated to a back to shell rebuild (its looking a bit tired), bodykit, respray and hopefully I'll get time to shave it all while i'm at it.

    I owned RSRoadkilla's gold MX-3 with the Drift Front bumper and skirts for a year and loved the way it looked so I'm on the Hunt for the best price I can find for the kit.

    Taking some inspiration from Marco i'm looking at doing the Millenia Brake upgrade. Would love to supercharge it, but its beyond my budget… :cry:

    Will get some pics up later...

  • need some pics up daryll

  • look forward to this! Especially the whole underbody treatment and respray. SC isn't that expensive really, cost of a ZE engine I suppose.

  • Turbo is far cheaper if you know what your doing…

  • Stripped down the Suspension

    Removed all front suspension components

    Removed under car and front arch plastics

    Removed wings

    Removed front bumper

    Removed the Rad


    • Loosen Hub nuts while car is still on the ground (they are a pain otherwise)
    • One of the bolts for the wings is in the door jam at the top behind a piece of rubber that you have to prise out of the way ( be careful and it will stick back )
    • You can leave the Spats on the wings
    • You wave to remove the front side lights to get the bumper off
    • You don't have to take the bumper rienforcement off to get the bumper off, you can just take off every bolt yopu can see on the bumper then this will make it loose enough for you to get the front lights out and you then have acces to a nut on each side that attaches it to the rienforcement and it will come off on its own

  • Started prep for engine removal

    Removed the battery tray.

    Undone the front and rear parts of the engine loom, basically any wires joined to the engine have to come off ( label them ).

    Drop engine oil, gearbox oil, water, power steering, petrol.

    Removed the Rad and piping.

    Moved Canister out of the way.

    Moved the fuel filter out of the way.

    Undone powersteering in 2 places, first where it joins the resevoir and then on the powersteering pump down the back of the engine.

  • A Few more bits to undo then Engine Removal

    Undo hydraulic clutch pipe from gearbox and pui in old pipe to stop it leaking

    Umdo exhaust downpipe from both headers

    Undo heater pipes and tape pipes up so they don't leak

    Undo gear lever and brace from gearbox

    Prise both driveshafts with crowbar

    Undo both gearbox mounts underneath first ( undo them from the grarbox and the support brace

    Support engine and gearbox with hoist

    Undo both engine mounts and remove

    Remove front gearbow mount

    Lift engine 4 inches or so and remove rear gearbox mount ( the bolt will not come out until its lifted a bit as its up against the chassis )

    Lift out engine and make sure not to hit anything on the way out

    I like putting my engine on an old tyre, this way it can still me manhandled around the garage without any damage


    • As you start lifting double check there is nothing still attached from the car to the engine ( usually the powersteering pump pipe down the back )

  • ooooooooooooooooo to have the space :D

    Looking good dude

  • Its not much bigger than a Single garage, only cost £300, parts from ebay and a bit of concrete, don't need planning permission in most cases.

    Sorry its a bit dull but this is the boring bit of the build. Up next, more stripping :P

  • SS MX-6 Exhaust from Ebay

    Removed the exhaust and took some pics to show how bad the fitment was and where it had to be cut and re-welded.

    Luckily I got them to refund me.

    Also a shot of the Custom De-Cat pipe that needs to be made, or you can keep the CAT and shorten the pipe after it.

  • Power steering rack and crossmember

    To remove the steering rack you have to undo it from the steering column by the brake pedal, then remove the 4 bolts that hold it to the crossmember, then remove any power steering pipes that connect to it and it will pull out.

    There are 4 bolts underneath that hold on the crossmember and they are all pretty tight so a good breaker bar is needed and plenty of WD40

    You MUST put loc tight on the bolt that holds the steering rack to the column.

  • Possible car designs

    I'm thinking of using a Mazda 3 medium Blue paint that i've seen, its a modern ultra glossy metalic.

    With some white alloys and large white tow eye added

    With a drift front and skirts

    Black mesh at the front with crome poles that are tinted darker with light tint spray.

    Fly eye kit

    Then carbon wrap the bonnet and possibly the splitter.

    Had some more fun in photoshop while I was at it…

  • Gets my approval…very nice..

  • very nice love the colour good choice :D :D :D


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