FAQ: Do Probe/MX-6 aftermarket headers fit the 1.8 MX-3?

  • Do Ford Probe/ Mazda Mx6 / Millenia 2.5 V6 stainless steel aftermarket headers and downpipe fit the 1.8 MX-3?

    Yes they fit fine.

    The problems are this:

    • the downpipe (Y pipe) is longer so the CAT will not fit, so you can either have a custom De-Cat pipe made and remove the CAT or you can move the CAt Backwards by shortening the pipe that comes after the cat.
      (Remember only 1991 or 1992 registered cars cal legally remove the CAT)

    -the fitment of the downpipe to the header can be sketchy, mine needed a few slices and rewelds to make them fit.

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