Gearstick Fallen through !! :( Help Aprecated

  • Hi Guys.. this is my second V6 and always been a bit of a money pit. now on 145k miles.

    Glad to say very reliable only I should have replaced the Bat a long time ago. I had my hazards on for a bit at roadside. Couldn't start needed a bump.
    Got it going and then disaster struck.
    I don't know if I was being heavy handed? But the moment it bumped into life the gear stick fell about 6 inches into the floor of the car. nothing fell out. no bits on the road etc.
    If I lift the stick to about the right height I can select all gears and have had to use it for short runs. Feels horrible and you feel like your going to hit reverse searching for 4th.

    This car had a reconditioned gearbox installed about 12months ago.
    Im not that hands on with regards to working on cars. SO if anyone can help me understand whats happened and if I need to find spares for my mechanics etc. Help in how to get into the area to see whats gone would be a start also.
    Thanks in advance guys.


  • Haha there's a rubber surround moulded to a plate that holds it up, they have been known before to perish. Get a new one or a scrap one from a younger car. It's not a big job :)

  • could you describe how to let the dog see the rabbit? Also if I was looking for the part any links pointers or part description.
    Is this in the mechanics manual for the mx3. Think i have that as a pdf.


  • Take off the gear knob (unscrews)
    Take off the whole plastic part surrounding the gearstick (think you have to take off the handbrake surround first)

    You should have a clear view now of the rubber part, and probably the ground :lol: Yea it'll be in the manual. I could find the part number if you get stuck.

  • Well i can try to do that myself. Where would you go for this part?

    Cheers for your help

  • Find a local scrapyard with one in or maybe someone on here is breaking one and ask them or put a wanted post in the UK ONLY section

  • Thanks to your help I have managed to fix it on my own. You all may already know what it looks like in there, but I was surprised to see that the collar around the ball joint on the stick was in tact. this is like a small male collar that squeeze fits into the female on the car under-tray. So having removed things in the right order I aligned the two spigots with their receiving bays and pulled hard up. This seems like a shoddy way to keep this part in place. But Hey its fixed.. until the next time :D Thanks again for your assistance. Owe you a beer


  • Good man! I think the idea is to isolate the vibrations as it is directly linked to the gearbox. Hard to beat a free fix :D


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