Lambo doors

  • hi all

    dose anyone know if there is a kit for the mx3 or if anyone can make a kit.


  • just had a kit made, an rs roadkilla also knows of a company who can make you a kit
    with the cost involved you might b better of going for weld on ones, if thell fit behinde the wing
    ill post pics tomoz of my custo 1z
    the chap who made mine is a magnificaent engineer, and depending on how badly u wnated a set, could probobly make you some for the right price
    with mine he made a custon jig in the or, re welded parts, strengthened everything, and the door doesnt flap around

  • Too heavy therefore in my oppinion USELESS

  • depends, my cars all show not much go, lol
    still got the v6
    but im in no hurry to get any where
    got my boat for adrenalin rush lol

  • irish, i dont think he was asking for your oppinion. Was after some infomation about them…

    Maybe a comment that was slightly constructive wouldnt of been so bad, but theres no need to get like that mate.

    Remember this site is for both people who enjoy modifying their cars to make them fast, and for people who are more into the show scene...

  • whatever RS…
    anyway dont get lambo if your gonna get them everyone has em! get gull wangs that lift from the A piller they are the dogs

  • My mate had gullwing doors on his punto… after a year he took them off again as they were just so much aggro!!!

    To be honest, i personally agree that vertical doors are a bit dated, and they are also a hell of a lot of agrro to get right... but if you want to do something with your doors, thats about all you can do!

    i looked at suiciding my doors, but the curves of the door doesnt allow it, so i left them well alone and feel I made the right decision!!!

  • i agree, everyone had got lmbo's
    but how many have them on an mx 3????
    i think there cool, wanted the since i was a kid
    so i thought if im guna do a project i gta have umm
    would have loved gull wings/ butterfly
    but well to much agro
    i honestly fink lambos suit the line of the mx really well, just personal opinion

  • hinge open

  • hinge closed

  • just got back again, spendin alot of me time up there now lol
    got an invoice
    these doors aint gunna work out cheap, lol
    not by a long shot
    i dont mind as i wanted them done
    but so far its worked out at 13 hours labour

  • just thought id post, lambos eventually took 40+ hours and even if you buy a ready made kit, the wiring took a day a side, if sone properly. then u aklso have to move the drainage from the roof on the drivers side too
    jus beware, do u wanna spend 2000 to make ur doors move 45 degrees, in hine sight i probobly wouldnt a done the onversion if it was gunna be this much time, effort, hassel and money


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