I'm removing the gearbox will it drop out from underneath?

  • I'm removing the gearbox will it drop out from underneath the car?

    or will I have to lift it out the top?

  • Much easier to go down in my opion as you have my good friend gravity helping you out.

  • yeah it will buddy fiddley getting the shaft cups past the subframe part. i would sujest a long scaffold bar accross the wings to help lift it back in to place as it makes it so much easier to lift rather than lifting by hand which i did once god its heavey

  • Yes I think removing from the bottom is easiest… I had a bar with a chain across the strut towers to suppor the engine and I also used 2 jacks underneath... one to support the engine and the other to slowly lower the tranny down.

    Getting the tranny off the engine is the toughest part...

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