The Complete Mazda paint code list

  • This is a full list of ALL mazda paint codes not just MX-3's so your colour will be listed on here and do check as some colours have 2 codes for euro + usa and they are listed in their euro + usa names

    Brilliant Black II A3F 11A2F
    Brilliant Black II HX 11HX
    Passion Rose II 11L 11L
    Noble Green II 11N 11N
    Solomon Blue II 11P 11P
    Excellent Green 11Q 11Q
    Laurel Green 11Q 11Q
    Sparkle Green 11R 11R
    Oriental Red 12H 12H
    Racing Blue 12K 12K
    Twilight Blue 12K 12K
    Solomon Blue 12L 12L
    Indigo Blue (metallic) 12N
    Aquarius Blue 12R
    Marina Green 13C 13C
    State Blue 15L 15L
    Ash Black 15P 15P
    Maya Green 15Q 15Q
    Fern Grey 15X 15X
    Mid Green 15X 15X
    Autumn Red 15Y 15Y
    Vivid Green 16P 16P
    Medium Blue 16S 16S
    Black 16W 16W
    Highlight Silver 18G 18G
    Mercury Silver 18G 18G
    Racing Silver 18G 18G
    Emerald Green 18J 18J
    Grace Green 18J 18J
    Racing Green 18J 18J
    Evolution Orange 18K 18K
    Racing Bronze 18K 18K
    Aroma Red 18U 18U
    Teal Green 18V 18V
    Sand Grey 1C 1C
    Bayside Blue 1E 1E
    Winning Silver 1F 1F
    Steel Grey 1H 1H
    Niagara Silver 1S 1S
    Indigo Mica 1V 1V
    Moondust Silver 20N 20N
    Innocent Blue 20P 20P
    Seychells Green 20Q 20Q
    Mystic Blond 21Z 21Z
    Supreme Blue 22A 22A
    Passion Red 22K 22K
    Ice Blue 22L 22L
    Astoria Green 22N 22N
    Sunlight Silver 22V 22V
    Crystal Blue 23C 23C
    Art Vin Red 23E 23E
    Strato Blue Mica 25E 25E
    Titanium Grey (Phoenix SE only) 25G 25G
    Emerald Silver 2E 2E
    Shadow Silver 3G 3G
    Silver Stone 3L 3L
    Warm Grey 3N 3N
    Champayne Silver 4F 4F
    Carribean Blue 4Y 4Y
    Pacific Blue 4Y 4Y
    Silent Silver 4Z 4Z
    Harbour Blue 5D 5D
    Prestige Silver 5G 5G
    Brave Blue 5N 5N
    Forest Green 5S 5S
    Neat Green 5S 5S
    Gardenia Green 5U 5U
    Charcoal Grey 6C 6C
    Elegant Beige 6M 6M
    Laguna Blue 6W 6W
    Willow Green 6Y 6Y
    Thunder Grey 6Z 6Z
    Neptune Blue A1D A1D
    Vin Rouge A1Q A1Q
    Blaze Red A1T A1T
    Nifty Red A1T A1T
    Diamond White A2C A2C
    Radiant Red A2D A2D
    Bright Blue A2E A2E
    Cool White A2W A2W
    Classic Red A3E A3E
    Eternal Red A3E A3E
    Satellite Blue A5 A5
    Vin Rouge A7 A7
    Coral Brown B5 B5
    Maple Red D7 D7
    Sydney Blue DP DP
    Regent Blue DR DR
    Mariner Blue DU DU
    Bay Blue DV DV
    Artic Blue F2 F2
    Coral Silver F6 F6
    Fern Green G6 G6
    Lime Green G6 G6
    Cygnus White HS HS
    British Racing Green HU HU
    Sunburst Yellow HZ HZ
    Conneticut Blue J1 J1
    Ocean Blue J1 J1
    Plantinum Mica J3 J3
    Passion Rose J4 J4
    Luna Green J7 J7
    Sunbeam Yellow K3 K3
    Montego Blue M8 M8
    Vintage Red NU NU
    Chaste White PT PT
    Brilliant Black PZ PZ
    Stella Blue Q2 Q2
    Aster Blue TD RD
    Sunrise Red RH RH
    Burning Red SQ SQ
    Classic Red SU SU
    Misty Blue U6 U6
    Crystal White UC UC
    Clear White UF UF
    Champayne Gold V8 V8
    Noble Green VQ VQ
    Dover White WU WU
    Noble White WY WY
    Carribean Blue Z1 Z1
    Canarian Blue Z2 Z2
    Graphite Grey Z6 Z6
    Malachite Z8 Z8
    Tornado Grey Z9 Z9


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