White Back-up Lights are not working when engine is on

  • Firstly the left front headlight went off. I ignored it. After a week second headlight went off and back up lights at the back. The following day I exchanged bulbs and both front ones working fine. But it didn't work with back up lights.

    Back up lights at the back illuminate when engine is not on. Once I start they go off. Back red brake lights and back orange indicators are working perfect.

    Do you know what possibly could go wrong? Any suggestions so I can try to fix it myself?

  • Back up lights are they reverse lights if so might be switch on gearbox.

  • :/ I wouldn't have a clue. But, where in Dublin are you?? :)

  • will inspect the gearbox switch

    Kimmage, Dublin 12

    How can I locate it?

  • @906b385dac=Roman:

    Kimmage, Dublin 12

    I was in Kimmage the other week.

    Be interested in an Irish meet sometime this year? :)

  • @5d348c2bfc=Mechanic:

    Back up lights are they reverse lights if so might be switch on gearbox.

    That was the issue for me, luckily I got it fixed by a friend.

  • get under the car and look at the gearbox, the switch is a sensor looking thing sticking out forwards on the front of the gearbox

    If they light up with the ignition on but not when the engine is running you may have an issue with the ignition wiring or the key is not returning to its proper position once started

  • what a thread revival sadly roman has the car sold nearly over months

  • lol, didnt spot that

  • hehe, 1 year and 1 day exactly between revival, date looked fine, never looked at the year :) was interested to know what the problem was cos it sounds very bizarre. Oh well.


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