• hi im a new menber, im onto my second mx3 now and i just love em- ive got a mx3 1.8 v6 nyetimber but i dont have a clue what nyetimber is, can anyone help?? ill soon be uploadin pics soon as i get a cam
    my car is pretty much standard atm apart from its got 17` cozwoth wheels ( which i fucked the other day spinin out at 80mph lol) i want to turbo my car in the near furture runnin around 1.5 bar to begin with, and two more questions, dose a klze engine look the same as a stock 1.8 and dose a mx6 engine fit into the mx3. thanks look forward to readin replys PEACE

  • Hello and welcome to the forum, quite a few questions there,have a look at this thread it will answer most of your questions..


    and can you please add your location into your profile…

  • welcome

    mx6 engine is a klze dude..

    1.5Bar….hope uve got deep pockets... :lol:

  • as far as i can see nyetimber is a mazda dealership.. nothing else..

    edit oops just one thing else sorry nyetimber is also a wine brand..vineyard in sussex


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