New interior arrive too

  • its all happening today lol
    doors gone vertical, an me leater interior arrived too
    unfortunately. coud have been packedged better
    but an hour later wit auto glm leather cleaner and then treatment, looked really good

  • How much was the vertical door kit and where did you get it from?

  • i got the door kit dead cheap off ebay, universal bot on my a**
    but the amount of custom work thats gone onto making them i amazing
    im worried about when i get the bill lol
    fortunately the engineer whos doin it is my mums boyfreind and hes charging me half of what he would an hour (its his buisness, cant expect him to do it for nout)
    if you want something like this done, your prolly looking at around 1000,

  • Imagination Creations can fit the LSD verticle door kit for £1500.

    This is the best kit on the market, although it does weigh a hell of a lot!

  • if anyones willing to pay 1500, im sure my man could do it for less, an the kit weighs virually nout, ill weigh it later lol
    i modified the xs power kit (good kit to build on)
    bruce do you know of anyone else in the uk that has done the conversion????
    ill post pics tomorrow, promise, it looks good if do do say so myself tho

  • ummmm not sure on the vertical doors…

    I expect someone has done lambo style, but i think it would be fair to say your the first in the uk to have vertical doors on an mx3... lol

    And get some more pics up young man!!!


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