Car Vandalised

  • Some bloody gobsh1tes decided it would be a great idea to kick the side of my car in last night. Right on the drivers side 3/4 panel; 3-4 novelty sized dents, too big to get them popped out I'd say and now the yoke looks in a right state. I've got a feeling it was the same scum that stole my 100nx, a while after that happened my Dad's van tried to get broken into too.

    :evil: :(

  • CVNTS !!! Time to get CCTV fitted on the side of the house, it wont stop it you will just catch them at it

  • Soz to hear about the car fella.

    I hate little b@stards who do stuff like that for "fun". I'd love to catch them and stamp all over there b0llocks for "fun". Tw@ts!

    CCTV is a good idea though, as DJ said, won't stop them but atleast you have a good chance of catching the f*ckers. You can either then call the fuzz with hard evidence or the prefered option, meet my friend mr base ball bat, and get them to pay with blood! :twisted:

    You can get very decent systems these days for sub £100. Argos is a good place to look.

    I used to have one fitted to the side of my house about 10 years ago, my garage and car used to get broken into all the time so I bought one. Was bloody good too, set me back £110 when they first come out for a black and white system with infra red for night vision. You can get full colour systems now for less than that.

    I'd just finished fitting it to the house, switched it on and what do I see, 2 little scrotes looking through the windows of my car ready to break into it. Chased them down the street but they got away. Things got quieter after that. Thankfully!

  • Here's the damage:

    Looks better in the pic than it actually is. The main dent there is deeper and bigger than it looks and the top surface of the 3/4 panel (right opposite the bootlid) is knocked in too. Few more creases you can't see in the pic too.

    I'll try and get a better pic up tomorrow!

    Looks very bad in person. :(

    I think I will chip in to get a cctv camera fitted as it's gone beyond a joke at this stage. Every car/van we have had in the last 2 years has gotten vandalised outside the house; keyed, damaged, stolen & cremated, and it's not a bad estate either. I'm just a bit bummed because the car tax is due on it too, 450ish for the year ( :roll: ), another insurance payment is due soon (300 euro) + getting the dents fixed. So thats a grand(ish) I don't have to put into the car. Might cancel the insurance policy and just use one of my Vespa's for a while, shame they are all in bits at the moment though! :?

  • Im sorry to see this happen Ryan its a nice example of a mx3 im sure a good bodyshop would be able to sort that out..ive seen worse repaired mate believe me..Take the car off the road get it sorted and then return to glory…imo..
    As for comments on those that have done this, ill refrain as i my wording would not be appropiate for this forum, one word best decribes them... SCUM..


  • Scum :(

  • Like Rainy said a good bodyshop will be able to sort that out easily, my GF had a fight with a bollard with her 206 and the damage was far wose than that but it's now straight and true (still french though and she's had a fight with the other side now).

    It's beyond the point though, why should you have to pay to get it fixed? Like I said on FB Ry, I hope you get the little fuckers, there's no need for people like this in society today, anyone who commits any crime should have their balls cut off and should have to wear them round their necks, fuck ASBO's they should have a BallBag Necklace!

  • Sympathies definitely go out to you mate. My wife's Tigra got keyed from the front headlight all the way back to the rear one…if only I'd caught who'd done it - they'd be in a world of hurt right now! Like the others say, invest in some CCTV so at least you can catch the b*stards at it and then hand it over to the cops.

    Good luck chap, and I hope either you or the cops catch whoever did it!

  • **If you take off the interior boot panels, you should be able to access the outer skin from the inside (though you'll need bendy hands) and push the majority of that out yourself. Be careful - push the dents from the edges, not the centre, or you'll end up with bulges in your dents.

    You'll, most likely, have a few small creases which a professional body shop could work out for a slightly smaller sum.**

  • mate of mine had a 106 with a decent ding in rear quater used a car inner tube behind the dent and blew it up, got majority out :lol:

    sounds daft but it does actually work.

    either way becarefull

  • Managed to get some of it popped out but it still looks a state.


    mate of mine had a 106 with a decent ding in rear quater used a car inner tube behind the dent and blew it up, got majority out :lol:

    We're trying that sometime today. Hopefully it'll go well!

  • it also helps if you heat the panel man! stops paint from cracking and makes it a little mor plyable

  • Sounds like you have a personal vendetta on your hands there mate! Sorry to hear about it. :(

    You could drill into the panel, pull it out with a screw or something similar, then fill the hole after?


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