Help with signature req.

  • I want some pictures on my posts etc and I can lay it out but not sure how to add it to my profile or where ever it should go…

    I have looked around the site for instructions but cant find them apart from the bit that refers to text...

    Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum, thanks :?: :?:

  • **Click on Profile up the top there (or here).

    Halfway down is "signature". Any image you want to add in there should have the URL (internet address) of the image between image tags

    For example:

    Would give

    Now, I don't know the specific rules on signature images on this site, but I find large signatures quite annoying - especially if attached to short posts - as you have to scroll through them once every time that person has made a post in that thread. So as a rule of thumb, if I have a signature image, I make it no taller than 150 pixels and no wider than the table width less 10% (so it doesn't piss about with the forum formatting) - which would be about 800 pixels. I'm not a moderator though so there's no obligation to pay any attention to any of this.**

  • thanks for taking the time to explain that, it made perfect sense and I'll have a signature up tomorrow.. thanks again. :wink:


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