Anyone for a Vinyl wrapped roof ????

  • I have managed to bring the red back on my car with T-cut but the paint on the roof is severely dried and cracked to the point where when I flat it off its going to go right down to the metal/primer. I am interested to know if anybody has used vinyl on the roof….On ebay you can buy all colours and even carbon fibre for very little money and I wondered if anyone has done it. Looking at the job it would be quite easy as the roof panel has the rain channel down each side to run to.... I am serious by the way. If nobody has done it then I will and I'll post the pictures so you can decide if its for you or not.....hows that for hardcore customization...heh heh!! let me know your thoughts tho before I spend £5.00 of my hard earned sterling on some vinyl.

  • repaint it?

    flat it down with wet and dry and buff the original paint up?

  • carbon fiber roof should look realy good

  • Its not as hard as you think it might be, just get the correct tools to fit it, its also guaranteed outside for minimum 5 years, we cover yachts in that stuff and they make it around the world intact so the roof of your car should be fine

  • Reyt' I might try it.

  • Got a link to the ebay vinyl?

  • Have 2 links for you, you will need also a spray bottle, so to get the bubbles out you wet the roof first with 1% water / washing up liquid ratio
    Then you need a decent squeegy to stroke the air bubbles out and any left over use a pin and squeegy the air through the pin hole.

    Its needs 24hr on a hot day to get the glue to dry out under the vinyl before its stuck properly, there are loads of how to guides
    here is a couple of how to guides

    Top of the Range 3M vinyl is about the best quality you can get but hard to get in large sheets

    Budget vinyl but good size

  • Hmm, tempting…...

  • Yeah thats the stuff… the carbon fibre one is probably the one to go for so it doesnt look like a bodge. A friend of mine says this is already a common practice instead of painting which I didnt know..

    I'm just concerned that doin the roof might spoil the cars lines but I suppose its easily removed if it looks bad.

    I'm now thinking bonnet , roof , tailgate and spoiler with possibly some carbon fibre effect splitters on the corners of the front bumper to even things out but I'm going to have a play with the photos of my car on photoshop to see if it works... wish I could just leave it alone and watch discovery channel or somethin' heh heh

  • Just to add I also found a matt black vinyl …..hmmm!

  • forgot to add, you also need a a hairdryer to stretch it around bends and shapes etc, vinyl is big business especially in the yacht world, heres a prime example of a vinyl wrapped yacht that is 60' long and totally wrapped in vinyl and still made it around the world pretty much intact

    Car wrapping is big business and costs around £800-900 but you can have pretty much any design or colour, there are some links at the bottom
    just search google for vinyl wrap car, the man U footballer with the chrome car is all vinyl and they also do chrome/gold and WHITE or SILVER CARBON 8)

  • Sounds really good and the stuff I saw on ebay is cheap enough but I tried it on 'photoshop' with a photo of my car and to be honest…it looked toss!!!

    In my mind it looks great but I think I might mull it over for a week or so..

  • You dont have to have just carbon on the roof, theres a huge range to choose from or maybe just the sunroof panel or the spoiler or just the wheel spats, I have done my bonnet and it was hard work due to the shape.

    Heres a couple of colour charts, they do have one called super metallic flake that you could match up the colour to your car and maybe do the lower half in super metallic or even a full carbon dash.

  • have you done your bonnet in a colour or the carbon fibre effect and does it look good….???

    I imagine it looks great but cant seem to get the roof to look right on my photoshop tinkering lol

  • The bonnet was hard to do due to the shape, I tried to do it in 1 sheet when I should have done it in 2 parts with the join down the center of the bonnet, you can see in the pic the front NS has some creasing in it but the rest was fine. The only other problem I have had is the heat from the engine made it the edges peel at the windscreen end of the bonnet but I have sorted that with chrome plastic edge trim glued on and its sorted it nicely and given it a clean line but the pic shows it before I did that

  • You made a good job of that…have you ever thought of doin the roof panel and sunroof aswell.... its the roof thats the issue on mine but thought it might look good right from bonnet over roof and spoiler...

  • If you get it cut to size, what about 2 great big viper stripes 8)

    It took 4 hours to get that done with a lot of swearing along the way, i am sure a seasoned pro would do that in a lot less, the roof would be easy as its very flat and no bends like the bonnet, just the edges are the issue, you have to get them spot on, they do peel on bends if theres not enough to stic to so you would have to cut the vinyl about 1mm from the gutter so the edges cannot be lifted but the windscreen rubber can be lifted a little to tuck the front in and you can fold it down under the tailgate.


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