Nathans project… cant make my mind up!!!

  • Here's my car that I bought on Ebay for £335. Its clean round the bodywork but the bumpers need re-hanging. I was gonna go all out with bodykit, wheels & ride height etc but now I am going to just keep it simple and keep the car as straight lookin as I can. Interested to hear your views regarding the Euro style side of things…

  • get it lowerd abit, exhaust. and uve got a pretty decent example of a mx3 very clean and tastefull.

    alway KLZE it or go for something different?

  • Think you are about spot on Welly..I want to change the wheels as well though. I like the idea of KLZE but I would probably never really use the extra power so its a no-go for me… you got me thinkin about a winter project though heh heh!!! I tried a pinto'd anglia winter project couple of years ago which crashed and burned very the link

  • you would use the extra power if its there…deep down you know you would aswell...

    im always on here dont mind giving someone a hand

  • Looks good! v6 I assume? Lowering is about the most obvious visual upgrade IMO. OEM wheels may not be the prettiest but they are quite light at least!

  • Looks good!! Good luck with her… :wink:

    If you go down the bodykit route.. let me know.. I'll lighten your car of the front bumper :D :D :D


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