Mx3 1.6 .16v dohc Help please

  • i have a mazda mx3 1997, its has a loss of power through the gears top
    speed off only 105mph and uses alot off petrol around 50/60 miles for £10
    stg i checked the catalic converter and changed the air flow metre,changed
    the plugs, timing, powerstearing and fan belts and filters do you have any idea what the problem could

  • do a compression test!

  • I did this on my V6 a wet test, as it seems to be the same symptons as mine, although i thought the torque dropping of might be the fuel pump on the way out

    on the front cylinders i got 180PSI even, but on the back ones i got around 140PSI, then i did a retest on the last one with the engine running and got 70PSI :shock:

    as its the rear banks and not the rest, it makes me think its something to do with the inlet manifoild? :?

  • could be your throttle body!

  • I thought it may be the throttle body last week before doing the test, so i took it off and cleaned it all up, got rid of all the burnt oil from it and cleaned all the crap of from around the butterfly so it closed properly :? and the test was after i did this

  • erm…
    anyone near you have a 323 mx-3 or a 626?

    try borrowing their air mass metre and drive along! with it! i doubt its the problem but you could be supprised!

    other than that im thinking injectors but thats hardly teh problem either!

  • no :( the only person thats around me that had a 323 was me last year :( i know someone with the mx5, but they'll never let me borrow thiers :lol:

    I take it you mean the big round plastic thing with the air flow meter in it?

    As for the injectors, although i've not changed them, i did put aload of injector cleaner in it, which doesn't seem to have any effect :(

  • Compression test…


  • third post down :P

  • erm…

    fuel pump?

  • I can't really se how the fuel pump can make the 3 cylinders have less compression than the other 3? :?

  • sticky/stuck valves? Pretty sure mine are close to it anyway!

  • could be the piston rings if the compression is down

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