High revs when cold…is this normal?

  • When I start it up, the idle revs hit to just over 1500 rpm. As soon as it starts to warm up it'll go back down to under 1000 rpm.

    Is this normal, or is there something I should start looking out for?


  • sounds normal if its doing it from cold, if its a little excessive then it may be service time soon and air filters etc are blocking up

  • Mine revs at just over 1600 and then drops to the norm when warmed…
    Sounds normal to me..

  • Yup it is should be about 1500rpm then drop to around 750 :D

  • Cheers guys.

    It seems worse on mornings when it's been cold, but today being in the sunshine for an hour or so it hit about 1400 and then by the time I'd reached the end of my road it was back down to less than 1K. Once it's fully warmed it's practically at the bottom of the gauge.

    Thanks again.


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