Muzza's new 1.8 v6

  • This is a post to say hello and thanks for a great site! Have been lurking around for the past month after becoming the proud owner of a 97, black MX3, 1.8 v6 with 70k miles on the clock.

    My car previously to this was a 323f 2.0 v6 so I knew how good the engine was going to sound! I'm absolutely buzzing from the whole driving experience at the moment, almost the same as when I first got my f. I ended up with this after a week owning a saab 93 (gearbox imploded) a honda crx (93 rust bucket auto!) and then the dealer found this and I part exchanged the f (with 140k, no exhaust and a 5litre a week oil habit). It's cost me £700.00.

    She has a few dings and scrapes, but seems pretty sound. Next bits of work will be..

    MOT in June so will make sure there are some funds for that.

    Possible wheel bearing

    would like to get it lowered slightly so some cheap (ish) springs

    First job was the powerflow back box. The old one was shredded and a replacement was 130ish for standard and 160 for stainless. No choice really and sounds lovely, if a little loud for my taste sometimes.

    The back shelf had snapped in half and the standard speakers had rips and tears. Made a new shelf from MDF and bought 2xInfinity 6x9 from fleabay for a tenner and

    This little puppy for .99p!! I love listening to new music in the car, so these were key bits to get fitted. I am chuffed to bits with the sound quality.

  • lookin good welcome to the site…

  • Hello and welcome to the site fella very nice v6 there you have…

    loud is not always enough heheheh..blam loud... remember if you amp dont go to 11 then bin it..


  • welcome!,

    my old parcel shelf had 6x9s in it and it went very saggy and colapsed eventually!. think thats the best idea mdf mod if you want huge speakers!.

    dont know how all those little squeeks of boot plastic will hold up to masses of base tho!!. My interior sqeeks and rattles like mad, but could be bacause of rock hard coilovers :D


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