MX-3 Handling

  • In an effort to get a "budget" racer, I've done the cheapie thing and stripped everything from the front seats back out. Trouble is, it's now shocking (scrubs around round-a-bouts in the wet) at cornering. I expect some understeer in the wet, but that was insane! I've lowered it and installed better shocks, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do apart from put a load of ballast in the space-saver hold!!

    Also, being my first '3 do they all handle with understeer in the wet? I took it round the 'Ring last year, unchanged, and it was the same.

  • all i can say is mine handles like a dream…

    if as you say its scraping do you mean on corners ..if so check the drop links and see if there ok...could be you may need a need anti roll bar and links....
    if you feel its not right try having it checked on a 4 way laser alignment setup..should set you back no more than 40 notes if its ok then checking should be free..

    edit : also have you got your top mounts in correctly...there is a set way they should be installed..
    there's a lot of questions i could ask here but i know nothing of your car and how you have set it up handling wise, It can be a multitude of things.. like i have suggested drop links, tyre pressure, tyres themselves,spring rates the quite a list..

  • **Not much to add to the above except tyres.

    1. Check the front suspension top mounts. They are camber adjustable.
    2. Laser alignment.
    3. Tyres - Pirellis are awful (they need weight to work well), Toyo T1-R, Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3, Avon ZZ3 are all good.**


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