MX6 mirrors

  • I managed to aquire a pair of Jap spec MX6 mirrors, with switch etc.

    How much modification is required?
    Does anyone have a pic of a MX3 with these on?
    I can't seem to figure out how they'd sit??


  • I have these installed on both of my mx-3's. You have to use the mx-3 base instead of the mx-6 one

  • Ahhh-ha! I was thinking this!

    So the folding motor is behind the mirror itself?

  • yes I have a few pics here:

    Here's the basic process:

    Remove the mirrors from your car (4 screws inside the car)
    Carefully pry up the mirror glass and remove
    remove all of the screws (I believe 3 on the part that holds the glass)
    remove the screws under that part (I believe there are 4)
    remove the screws holding the section into the base (3 or 4)
    remove the wiring pins from the wiring clip so you can get it through the base (mini flathead screwdrivers work well)
    now the internals should be able to separate from the cover and base.
    Do this same process on the power folding set and reassemble
    You will need to run 2 new wires to the switch from both of the mirrors.

    I didn't use relays on mine and wired them to the ignition power wire.

    It's pretty straightforward really once you get in there… just be careful as the mirror covers are fragile - don't screw them down too tight! Also be careful removing and replacing the glass... it is a different strength and rare.

    If you got lucky, then you received a heated mx-6 set... you will know because it has 2 wires going to the mirror glass!

  • Gah!
    Sounds tricky!! Cheers mate! I'll give it a go!

  • Just ordered mine off Fleabay!! Looks like I'll be calling on advice from both of ya when I get them!!! :lol:

  • Mooneggs… Where did you get this switch from? Is it possible to find another?? I quite fancy adding this to my powerfold mirror setup



    Scratch that... found 2 on Ebay.. From a Mazda Bongo...

  • yes you can use the ones from the bongo! I see a couple on ebay right now but kind of expensive…


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