ForzaMotorSport 3…..

  • if your up for some clean flat out racing….then add you Gamertag here

    Th3 PR0ff3CY
    note.../\ Zero not letter lol

    shame there is no Mazda MX-3 on there

  • You know that "Forza" is classed as an expletive in my house, right?

  • Is a damn shame, Masterklass or BigPunisher666

  • @54a2958efb=Famine:

    You know that "Forza" is classed as an expletive in my house, right?

    here's what that strange word that no one has ever heard before means…lol

    The word expletive comes from the Latin verb explere, meaning "to fill", via expletivus, "filling out". It was introduced into English in the seventeenth century to refer to various kinds of padding—the padding out of a book with peripheral material, the addition of syllables to a line of poetry for metrical purposes, and so forth. Use of expletive for such a meaning is now rare. Rather, expletive is a term in linguistics for a meaningless word filling a syntactic vacancy (syntactic expletives). Outside linguistics, the word is much more commonly used to refer to "bad language". Some linguists use it to refer to meaningless, "filler" use of "bad language" (expletive attributives), distinguishing this from meaningful use.

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