Oil pressure switch…leaking from where wire connects????

  • any idea's why???

    and anyone know how i can get hold of one asap….i.e 2moro

    i'm in south wales

  • Hi Prophecy,

    They just break down over time, no real reason for them leaking!

    Most places should have them, I got mine from Roadrunner in church Village for under a fiver.

    Pain in the butt to change though!

  • hi mate,

    i managed to get one for £4.75 plus VAT, so very happy gonna change it now….

    will oil go everywhere???
    is it a spanner job???

    cheers mukka

  • Hey bud,

    No oil won't go every where.

    Yes it's a spanner job. Although if you can get your hands on a long socket that will fit over the wire connector that would make life 10x easier. Not much room down there between the rad fan and engine.

    Piss easy to change just a bugger due to where it is! Expect some scraped knuckles and a few swear words chucked at the car!

    Good luck with the job.

  • thanks for your help, i had to take the sub frame and one radiator fan off to reach it. you were right about the cuts and swearing, but all sorted now.



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