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  • Hello,

    My name is Jeroen
    I'm the owner of a shop in the Netherlands

    If anyone has some questions please ask

    We build together with the Mikee (mx-3 owner) a KL-ZE turbo MX-3

    It makes 290 HP at 0.4 bar.

    List of what we have done to the car.

    Kl-ZE J-spec engine(9,2:1 Compression) - Kl36 JT SPEC ECU (remapped)- MapECU Piggyback and data logger - Vems wide band data logger - Vems EGT - T3/T4 Garret Hybrid Turbo - XS Enginering wastegate - Greddy BOV - greddy boost controller - Turbo timer - JT RVs Turbo Headers - Custom Screamer pipe - Function 7 oil lines - Green HKS Mushroom filter - JT alloy Intake tubes - RVS Cat Back, 3" piping from downpipe to Tailpipe - Apexi silencer and Tail pipe (2x115mm)- Irridium IK20 spark plugs - Magnecor 8.5mm HT leads - Outlaw Thermal Spacers - SRD oil catch system - Carter Vent Filter system - Walbro 255 fuel pump - AEM 80psi Fuel Regulator - Jen Fuel Presure gauge - Samco Performance Vacuum hoses - Seco Stage 2 Ceramic clutch - Reworked Drive Shafts - High performance wheel bearings - B&M Short shifter - Bronze oil bushings - Miller 280cc injectors - 100% ELF synthetisch oil - oil cooler - Adaptor ring on Oil filter - Oil presure sensor - Oil temp sensor - water temp sensor - Fuel preasure sensor - Cold Fusion Nitrous Oxide intercooler kit - JT performance FM Intercooler - Cold Fusion NOS Purge kit - Cold Fusion NOS filter systeem - Grooved & vented Brake disks - Green Stuff Brake pads - V22 calipers in ceramic Grey. Front Suspension brace - Rear suspension Brace,

    Modified Pakfeifer (replica) rear bumper - JT New style front Bumper - Standard V6 side skirts - Rotora 3D silver Carbon High Wing - Low Down Fenders - Carbon Fibre Hood - Carbon Fibre Formula 3000 diffusor - Carbon Radiator Support - Carbon Suspension daps -Mazda 6 Side Turn signals - Alloy wipers all round - 18" Akuza alloy wheels - Falken 215/35/18 Tyres - Black Altezas - AST fully adjustable shocks and dempers - Lowered 8cm front 10cm rear. Camber correction kit - OMP alloy pedals - OMP kick plate - OMP alloy handbrake handel - Mazdaspeed 3 spoke steering wheels (Nos buttons built in) - Silver Carbon gear knob - ELglow gauges - RVS face plate - El glow HVAC - El glow meters in the A/style (oil temp, oil pressure, Fuel Preasure) - Custom tripod on dash (boost, wideband, water temp)- Tenso R scuff protectors - JT leather seats - Sparco back cushions - Sparco belt guards - Sparco 3 point harness - sparco floor mats - NOS Bottle between seats - Nos bottle on parcel shelf - Custom Parcel shelf - Custom Vinyls all round.

    Pioneer P8900R Head unit - Pioneer 6 cd changer - JBL Pro 1000w Sub - grafix equaliser with bass enhancer - Rockford Fosgate 6x9's on shelf - Rockford Fosgate 150w RMS compo in doors - JBL GTO 1100w Amp for sub, JBL GTO 400w Amp for rear, JBL GTO 400w Amp for rear150w for the front - Vdo Dayton MS5000 Navigation system - Panasonic DVD / Mp3 player inc 5.1 module - VDO Dayton 7" widescreen - 6.5 TFT in Din

    Dyno: 290hp@6000rpms on 0.4bar (low boost) 360Nm Torque @4000rpms

    Some pictures

    More pictures and some videos:

  • That car is absolutely stunning! 290 bhp too!! crazy shit man… :lol:

  • i found a video of this earlier today and linked it somwhere on this site lol

  • :D :D :D WOW now thats really impressive.

    You guys must know more about modding the MX3 than anyone else on here, you've done loads.

    You mention JT alot, who are they?

    If you would to do a write up about any of the mods you have made that would be awsome. Where you got parts from, guide to installing etc…

    Anyway welcome to the site.

  • they are JT mate, there a tuning comapny

  • yep he is right. tuning = JT

    We are still updating some parts.
    It needs a oil cooler and a way better clutch then this one.

    We have broken the 5th gear already so never boost (full) when in 5th when you drive about 90 km/h

    We have done a lot of KL-ZE swaps and performance mods.
    When going to a KL-ZE always change the clutch.
    We have a caremic one for this job.
    The also fill in the motor mounts otherwise the engine will rip them appart with heavy launches.

    Sorry for my bad english :D

  • LOL….......... my bad.

  • My favourite video is the one of Mikee murdering two Skylines on the track. Can't believe people haven't already seen this car, it's legendary in the MX-3 world - only one I know of with ZE, turbo and NOS, not to mention the MapECU. Stuff dreams are made of.

    Glad to see you on the site, you're an inspiration to every MX-3 owner.

  • Do you sell a turbo kit for the KLZE, or just the probe headers?

    Can you get hold of this bumper?

  • We have the normal header and the turbo header on stock.

    With mikee's car we die a little adjustment to the header to make it higher under the gear box.

    It is ery hard to make a bold on kit because I need a car for it.
    All is very tied so there is no room for margin.

    Then there is the choice in turbos. This affects the intake piping and maybe the downpipe.

    I have ordered a couple of "drift" bumpers but it will take about 4-6 weeks to get here.
    SHipping from USA

  • sure i posted this car up on here a few weeks back, from u tube.

    i did

    pay attention people lol :P

    also whats the part attached to the air filter pipe from the engine? look like it could be fun

  • How much for the drift bumper, including shipping to the UK?

  • really really nice job there mate and really nice car, does your company sell alot of performance parts for the MX-3, if so any chance of some prices, maybe add him to the sellers part admins????

  • Hi guys, it looks like Jeroen has already beaten me to it. I am the proud owner of the ZE Turbo and the guy that put all the blood sweat and tears in this project, and the Owner of we specialise in Stripings and stickers for the Tuning community.

    Obviously is the nearest place to you with all the goodies you will ever need, but we are much more than that. If you have doubts or need advice just feel free to contact any one of us, we would love to help.

    I have been modding the mx for the past 5 years and have learnt a lot through trial and error and this is not something I would advice any of you unless you have a money tree in the back garden or you been smoking too much of hollands export.

    for those of you that want detail photos, they can be found here:

    and if you got nothing better to do and fancy watching a few movies, heres a few:

    Standard mx3 v6 against mine with NOS on the motorway.

    My Mx3 on the Dyno with a 75 Nos shot kicking at 4000rpms

    Fun with the Skylines at zandvoort raceway with a 100hp NOS shot

    Same but from another angle

    The first time it was started with the Turbo, and yes it sound RUFFF, the 2 engine computers still needed programing

    The 5 hour long programing session…..and yes I did shit my pants listening to it screaming.

    Coming back from the Dyno after programing

    More fun with Skylines at Assen raceway during the Japanese auto festival
    the car comes on screen after 5 minutes or so

    well thats it for now folks, and remember feel free to ask, thats what we are here for......and the site is the dogs bollocks by the way, keep it up.

  • fancy giving me a price to drop a klze turbo in my 1.6 dohc???

    For everything inc. the engine etc…

    Im willing to drive! lol

  • Rs, thats a nice project you have ahead of you and I would love to do it for ya mate. I will discus this with Jeroen tomorrow, but did you know that we can take the Bp6 block, stick a Turbo on it get above 300 ponies out of it ?
    it would probably be cheaper and hell of a lot less work, its something to think about. One of our friends in Brazil is pushing 400Hp on his BP6 and uses the Kia Sephia Gearbox which is much stronger than the Mazda box and its a straight bolt on. :wink:

  • CAR IS FOR SALE….....IN PARTS complete plug and play Turbo kit for 1700 euros



  • Toyota bits and bobs?

    about with us on power :D

  • Toyota???? you been smoking??


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