I think it's dead jim

  • After burning almost 2 full oil refils in the last 3 weeks, my Eunos has (I think) come to the end.

    It's dying sound is something like horses running over a road just not as sync'd and it's not going silently (sound is clearly audiable over the engine and inside the cage), coming from either the rear bank or down near the timing belt.

    The sound is constant over the revs (temp remains the same 50%) but there is a noticable lack of power.

    It's dark and cold so I'm not going to have a look at it tonight but after just signing the lease to mine and my misses first house, a costly repaire job is out the window.


  • **Well…

    I have a spare V6 from an SE. I'd recommend a headgasket change on at least the front bank, but it only has 85k on it...**

  • how much you looking for?

  • **How much you asking? :D

    To be fair, it's going to be some schlepp for you - take a good 3 hours door-to-door - and then you'll have an engine you need to replace a headgasket on (I was considering reconning it myself anyway, once it's out). I'd keep it on the "keep in mind" list, if you're set on keeping your Eunos on the road.**

  • I'd like to keep the car on the road tbh & I have zero engine brains at all, so I'd have to pay a mechanic to swap em over :(

    I'll wait until the morning to take a look at it (get mechanic guy on phone to hear it)

    and go from there, but i'll keep the engine as an option bud.

    I know the issue is vague atm but any idea what it could be?

  • It's not dead, just the bearing on the Alt belt :)

    New one being installed tomorrow \0/

  • It's just a flesh wound!

  • @931b636ba7=Lori:

    It's not dead, just the bearing on the Alt belt :)

    New one being installed tomorrow \0/

    WaHey you'll be back on the road in no time! :D


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