Fuel and oil consumption

  • Here's a question to all of you who have a V6 engine.
    How much does your car eats fuel?

    That's the biggest problem I have with my car.

    Random driving = 15 liters / 100km (4.49 gallons to 62 miles)
    Furious driving = 18 liters / 100km (4.75 gallons to 62 miles)
    Competition time = 22+ liters / 100km (5.8 gallons to 62 miles)

    Oh… One problem to add: My engine is using a lot of oil :(, but there's no blue smoke and no slop under the car when parking. Every time I change the gear near 8.5k rpm I smell a rotten smell of an egg - that should be the catalyst converter. May it be that all the missing oil burns there and that's what makes all the smell? The smell has been more noticeable after I changed my HKS cone to the original air filter.

    You could add here your fuel and oil consumption... even R4 engine owners :) Or V8 or V12... what ever :)

  • **To convert that for everyone, that's:

    Normal: 18.8mpg
    Spirited: 15.7mpg
    Track: 12.8mpg

    (there's 4.546 litres in an Imperial gallon; I think you used US gallons, which are 3.785411784 litres/gallon).

    For reference, my V6 does

    Normal: 34.0mpg
    Spirited: 26.0mpg
    Track: 22.0mpg

    And uses absolutely no oil at all.**

  • Oh yeah, sorry.
    I can't understand your measuring methods at all :P

  • @26ce005bb0=architect:

    Oh yeah, sorry.
    I can't understand your measuring methods at all :P

    **Blame the Americans for having their own gallon.

    Essentially, you're using twice as much fuel as I am, for the same kind of driving. Not exactly twice as much, but pretty ballpark.**

  • Here's mine..
    Wes is fitted with aftermarket filter and exhaust…

    Normal: 32.0mpg
    Spirited: 26.0mpg
    Don't track Wes...

    And he uses absolutely no oil or water...

  • My old mx never used oil but my newer mx with half the miles goes through a couple of liters a year, I wonder if more of the oil is being turned to vapour and being burnt through the breathers into the inlet manifold because I have no leaks on it, its either that or the rings on later models were slightly cheaper metals that wear a little quicker

  • If you have KLZE in your car then thats not horrendous fuel consumption, I think I get around 60-70 miles(ish) to a full tank on a track…......

  • It's not officially KLZE (wish it was), just alil helped ;)


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