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  • I have been registered for a year now so I decided that it's the last moment to show you my machine.
    Bought this piece in 2008 from Switzerland, the first user of the car was an OLD lady, who had crashed the front bumper and passenger's (right ;) ) door.

    Lost the old engine and installed a bigger one, added NOS, new camshafts, new airfilter / new intake for races, new exhaust (original atm, the new exhaust broke after a jump :( ).

    I hope to paint it in the near future, make new hood, bumpers, sideskirts, fenders (or how ever u call them), lose a lot of weight, add new seats and 5. seatbelts. I have also a cooler, bov, westgate and turbo waiting for installation, but I'm not shure if that's the right thing to do.

    Some pictures:
    The sideskirts (not finished ofc.)

    Posing 1:

    My first repair, had to change the waterpump (I drove 300m, then it broke down):

    Hope you like it ;)

  • what engine is in it now?? How much extra bhp is the nos giving you?

  • LOVE the wheels, keep up the good work! :D

  • @488863a32f=mx3gulf:

    what engine is in it now?? How much extra bhp is the nos giving you?

    Engine should be 2.5 V6, but it still feels like 1,1 :(
    I have low pressure bottle, it shoud be near 50bhp I guess. Still waiting the rest of the kit from Holley, hope to fix it by the end of the summer.


    LOVE the wheels, keep up the good work! :D

    Hate the wheels :P

  • Am thinking about NOS possibly, 50bhp is safe thats what I would go for, yeah never been a fan of 3 spokes either, marmite!

  • I'm not shure of the bhp.s, never been to dyno.
    Not going before it feels like 280kw :) :D

  • Nice car! Those wheels are a bit marmite alright, advan make some nice 3 spoke wheels, very JDM. 8)

  • Those are Antera wheels, for summer tire. No money to buy new ones. :(
    Economic crises u know…

  • Hi architect, are you making your own sideskirts?, it looks like you have polystyrene moulds to work around, if so can we see a picture of the completed skirts :shock:

  • As I realized that I don't like those skirts I just left them in the darkest corner of my garage. I have a computer simulated pic, how they should like. (will upload it tomorrow).
    I guess I'll make new skirts, which will go with my new bumpers (will make them too, just gimme time and money).

  • Here's the picture, how it should look like…. Have to smoothen the transitions.
    Another version.


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