Oily Plug ????

  • Hiya, just been checking oil in me car & noticed oil on the thing
    where the plugs go in.
    The plug (nearest the oil filler cap) took it out & its drippin in oil.
    (did'nt take plug out, just the lead thing)

    The car seems to have been runnin ok, not missing or anything.

    Why is this :( Please & Thanks


  • sounds like a case of oil on the rocker cover too! JINKES :lol:

    throw up some pics and ill grap my detective kit and we will sort this out!


    get yourself a can of WD40
    and a old rag.

    take out your plu leads and tear the rag into pits which will cover the holes where the leds go! and clean off your rocker cover! then spray into your leads then take out he bits of rag one by one! and clean down as mush as you can into the hole. then spray a bit of wd40 into each hole!

    and ull be grand!

    the oil wouldn be bad for the car but the wd40 will protect the blugs a bit!

  • Thanks for the reply,
    How does this happen, Could it be old washers on the plugs ???

    Is it a bad thing & will a set of new plugs sort this.

    Kinda worried encase its bad news for me & the engine :?


  • Id need to see to be honest!
    ur not too bad like! oil will conduct the current from the leads to your plugs so your ok!

    like i managed to get alof of water into plugs 1 and 2 and that stopped the current (but like i said oil wont do that)

    if you want to do what i did!

    take out all your leads… get a rag and a close hanger and swap the rag in the close hanger and try soak or clean all teh oil off the plugs! (thats even if tthe oil has got that far) if it hasnt just clean around the hole and clean the blugs and ull be grand.

    if the blogs are oiley get a tub of them cotton bud ear cleaner thingys.
    get some twine or whatever and tie them together! then wrap the clothes hanger around them and push them down to where the plugs are and rotate... take em out and use the other side till u notice the tips arent getting oiley anymore! do be stinggey and use the lot of them on the lot of the plugs!

    then gegt your WD40 and spray about 2 seconds worth onot the plugs and about a seconds worth into where the plug sites in the lead.

    you should be grand!

  • A will get a set of plugs & do the clean.

    But what causes this to happen ??


  • like i said i would need to see a picture!


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