Need exhaust recommendation

  • My car has a Rage back box on it right now. It was like it when I found it, don't blame me. This thing is way too loud and to boot it sounds totally wrong for the car, it just has to go. Also suspect it's robbing me of power/ torque low down, it's a "universal" back box that hasn't been tuned for anything in particular, other than to sound like a WW2 bomber.

    I'm looking for a back box that won't sap my power and doesn't have intrusive noise levels. Would consider going to a stock back box for now, but I'm not in the market at the moment for a full system 'cos all my spare folding is going on my BMW project for the time being. Any suggestions?

  • If you want something tuned for the car and unobtrusive, I'd highly recommend a scorpion catback system. They burble nicely at idle and if you match them with a CAI (cold air induction) kit, you get a nice roar from the exhaust if you plant it upto 3500rpm and another roar from the CAI at around 4200rpm.

    You could also try Powerflow and Longlife, but my experience of these is more noisy than a scorpion. All 3 are stainless and won't rust… it just depends what you want/need.

  • The Scorpion sounds like it could be more the sort of thing I'm looking for, cheers. Have to price one up and go from there.

  • I got a catback stainless powerflow system for £200. The sound is amazing. I had it done about 2 years ago and I didn't notice any drop in power If your planning on replacing the exhaust I'd recommend them if you can find a good agent because PowerFlow work through independant dealers the quality of the work can vary. Mine was okay (Top Gear Performance in Doncaster) but I have heard tales of bad work that can lead to an exhaust blowing.. Another option I'd recommend (based on the experiance my friends have had) is Exhausts UK They sit you down with a CD of exhaust notes and let you pick exactly how you want your car to sound and do quality welding work with lifetime of car guarantees.

  • @hypnoticstoat thansk for your information,i get informationm from you


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