Dim Dip Not quite Diped head lights Not quite Side lights!!

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    Dim dip is basicly when you switch your side lights on, (the ones in the bumper) your main head lights will come on but very dim compared to when you switch to dipped beam.

    Any ways, for those who are interested I figured out how to switch it off. So now when you want side lights, the lights in the bumper will come on but main lights will stay off, when you want dipped beam the head lights will come on.

    I had a 1998 MX-3 which didn't have dim dip but my 1996 does, and also comes in handy if you're going HID as they won't work otherwise.

    To get rid:
    Under the bonnet on the passenger side between the suspension strut mount and wiper cowl there is a silver finned box. Approx 3 & 3/4 inches long by 2 & 1/4 inches wide. You can't miss it, but if you needs a pic gimme a shout and I'll take one. Simply unplug it!! The plug will be attached to the finned box on the left side, 2 wires, a thick black one and a red & blue one. Have heard it can also be red & white . Un plug and tape up the connectors to stop the weather getting at it. You can remove the thing all together if you want. Only held on with 2 bolts.

    That's it no more dim dip and you head lights and side lights will still work fine.

    I know if you have HID and still have dim dip the main beam won't work properly and will freeze on, you have to switch you light off and back on to get back on dipped beam. This should solve that.

    The finned box is basicly a resistor box which converts the excess voltage into heat, hence the need for the fins and is used for day time running lights in countries that require lights on all the time. We don't so we can get shot! Won't give you any problems in the MOT either, as I said my 98 didn't have it and your side lights still work.

    Hope this helps. :D

  • nice one !

  • Sorted, did wonder what that box was for…

  • cool will do this later finaly my hids one come on as side lights
    i had the mane beam frese but i put a resister in the spare h4 conecter witch solved this


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