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  • Heres my mx, its been very good to me over the last year, never let me down once and I've given it a lotta jip on the country roads!

    Put a nice new wheel in there & took the clumpy airbag one out :)

    nice frontal

    Nice big air filter to help it breath :)

  • Those wheels look awesome on the mx3! Nice choice!

  • Cheers man, it was kind of luck finding them, as there are so few 16" wheels that fit the MX3 spec and these were the 1st ones to come along on ebay and they are great wheels! Rondell imports from Germany.

  • admin

    Gotta love that Green Air Filter, i have one of those, gives me an excuse to go to my mates, look at there tiny K&N filter, and just laugh! 8)

    Looking very good too!!



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