• My mum got an iPhone which I managed to get dynolicious on to. Where do you'se who use it on here put the iPhone while doing the runs? I tried the little sort of pocket thing at the electric window switch but I think the phone moves around a bit much when its in it.

    I found a straight road which was downhill, so I tried dynolicious out on that just for practice, 0-60 in 4.8 seconds! haha :lol:

  • It will almost fit perfectly in the storage space under the arm rest in the front and wont move around, it doesnt have to be flat but you get the most accurate result or you can get something thst will fasten to your windscreen.

    0-60 in 4.8 :lol:

  • That storage under the arm rest is perfect! Will need to get better takeoffs but I got a few 9.5 seconds to 60 runs. 8)

    Not bad for a standard 1.6. The official figure is 9.8 seconds. I wonder how accurate Dynolicious is?

  • Apparently is pretty damn accurate for the distance and times, some guy on youtube did a few runs at santa pod with it and it was no more than 0.2 seconds out and around 10bhp from what he thinks his bhp is. I think however the power is only right if you get your car weight bang on with you in it.


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