Subs, show me!!

  • I have a 12" sub sat in my kitchen, I used to have it in the boot floor, sitting over the spare wheel well. Its been sat there for ages and I want to use it!

    I've cheapo dynamatt'ed from under the rear seats through to the boot floor, just need some inspiration on how/where to position it. might end up in the floor again, but Id like to seal it properly by making a fiberglass mould of the wheel well.

    i still want a usable space though

    show me what you got!

  • I have measured out and have plans for 2 x 10" subs in the boots by boarding along the sides of the boot under the plastic edges for the parcel shelf, the 10" subs will fit perfectly in the space behind the wheel arches where the tool kit goes and that then leaves most of the boot free and with a bit of perspex and so LED lights will look quite tidy and usable, will put photos up of that, I am planning that in the next couple of months to have that finished by end of may and get rid of the bulky sub box in there

  • if you dont nead the rear seat you could copy mine

  • Are they on spacers or cut into the seat back?

  • cut in to the back seat on mdf rings to mount them


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