Late klze ecu's

  • just wondering did they do late klze ecus' cus the k8 ecu on my black one and manifold is killing miles heh. i used to be able to do 220 miles between refills in my green one and the black one runs out at 150-160miles so im loosing 60 miles somewhere and im guessing the ecu and manifold will be the biggest killers. so if anyone can find me a late ze ecu ill be very gratefull. cheers

  • ohh stock k8 manifold is a killer. I was down to 146bhp with stock k8 exhaust fitted to ze. It was running super rich and ze managed to super heat manifold, when it came off it looked very red!!
    is your black one obd2 then? could try a mx6 ecu and get it probinator chipped to accept je50 vaf if cheaper. Id check ecu numbers with him first tho before buying.

  • got a link pls? like i say ye its 1998 the black one and the lad said the mx6 ecu wouldnt fit. so im assuming its different be nice if it wasnt though. as i got a nice kl31 ecu in the green car doing jack

  • That'll be because a 1998 is OBDII, therefore 4 plug ECU.

    The yanks IIRC use a kl02 VAF to compensate. Otherwise megasquirt or swap the harness.

  • IF you have a donor car or one in a local scrapyard…

    You can swap the loom and wiring over. You need to take all the wiring not just the engine loom. Because your car will have an Immobiliser so the wiring is completely different going into the ecu.

    Remove dashboard, remove heater remove all wiring including wiring up to the ignition.

    You can do it in a weekend with a couple of mates easily.

    Also got to get either a straight neck or Curved neck manifold makes a big difference, so do headers.

  • 3 issues with that idea

    1 i dont have a donor wiring loom
    2 i suck with electronics and wouldnt trust myself to wire it correctly
    3 i deffinatly dont turst or want my friends touching my car. were talking about people who buy golfs and peugeots here not used to the finer things in life like v6's :P

  • bit of question but im sure i remember looking in the us forum and somone made an obd2 to obd1 adpapter for the mx-3 but i cant seem to find it. if anyone can find it can u let us know as it would be the answer to all my prayers heh

  • If you find one post it up here. I know there was a guide to which wires needed swapping if you wanted to chop them yourself.

    The engine loom is easy to swap over, then its just the wires behind the heater thats the pain. Theres only about 10 wires in that part that go to the ecu so perhaps you could get away with just splicing those? (thery are part of the interior loom) But i'd have the dash out etc and do the whole lot. Also you will need to disable the immobiliser wiring as the OBD1 cars did not have one and it kicks off.

    Or just put the ZE into an older car! every now and then an MX-3 will pop up on ebay with a blown engine for peanuts.

  • checked and there is no adapter but apparently if i can grab a kl01 vaf then it will sort out the fuel problem but the vris points will be off. but since its just a A2B daily driver i aint to fussed about vris so if anyone knows or has a kl01 vaf that anyone is selling could u send us a msg pls. cheers


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