Drag times

  • just out of intrest has any of you been down the 1/4 mile drag strip yet, if so what are your times just to see how different our mx3 are :D

  • heres my best so far

    its a stock 1.6 auto
    Reaction time: 0.4060sec
    Speed: 68.33mph
    Time: 20.0144sec

  • I had a go of Dynolicious on my mates Iphone he was in with me and we could only do one run, i dont think it was that accurate as he was holding it and it wasnt fixed to the car but this is what it said:

    0-10 MPH: 1.02 sec
    0-20 MPH: 1.98 sec
    0-30 MPH: 3.01 sec
    0-40 MPH: 4.36 sec
    0-50 MPH: 5.60 sec
    0-60 MPH: 7.31 sec
    0-70 MPH: 9.20 sec
    0-80 MPH: 11.51 sec
    0-90 MPH: 13.59 sec

    Elapsed Time
    60': 2.75 sec @ 26.1 MPH
    330': 6.91 sec @ 56.5 MPH
    1/8 mi: 10.25 sec @ 75.3 MPH
    1000': 13.10 sec @ 88.4 MPH
    1/4 mi: 15.44 sec @ 96.8 MPH

    Max Speed: 97.8 MPH
    Max Acceleration: 0.53 G's
    Peak Horsepower: 159 HP

    Pretty dispointed really but i think it was having 2 people in the car and we are both quite big :(

  • **I was going to say that's a bit over-optimistic, but for a ZE that's a little pessimistic.

    If it's a road-going ZE with an interior, you should be seeing mid to high 14s at just over 100. Stripped and on track rubber and you'll have a very similar top speed but you could be cracking 13s regularly.

    Oddly I spend a lot of time at Santa Pod - some friends run a road legal ProET car (9.5 at 145) - but I've never taken either '3 down the track myself. Red's just an ordinary V6 (shortly to be SE-spec) so I might not bother, but Marvin, once built, will be taken to Pod, York and Shakey :D I'd aimed for this summer but I've been a little delayed by my garage so it might not be until the year's out now :(**

  • My first go on a semi real drag strip I got:
    1/4mile : 15.0
    60' : 2.4 I think

    On dynolicious best I've got is:
    0-60 : 6.4 seconds

    What tyres are you running? Every 10th of a second on your 60' foot time is worth about double in your quarter. 17s with their lack of sidewall looses you some grip, and setting to a lower pressure like 20s in PSI will help your launch too.

    So if you got your launch to 2.0 flat (good launch) it'd be like this:
    60': 2.75 sec
    1/4 mi: 15.44 sec

    60': 2.0 sec
    1/4 mi: 13.94 sec approx

    I take it you shifted to 4th for the end? It's at an inconvenient point IMO for ZE with k8 box.

  • yes its quite inconvinent, i really wanna do the whole thing again, it started raining soon as i finished and i was nervous excuses excuses. I will do a few more runs and post up some better ones im really not happy with that run. 0-50 is ok then it gives up a bit with both us fatties in the car :(

  • Haha yeayea… I was gutted how crap my times were when I first started doing dynolicious. Remember it can be a bit tempermental, especially setting the Gs to trigger it, though it looks correct in your run.

    I'm still crap, but practice really makes the difference. I'm hoping to get to the local monthly strip more this year, but it's £40 in, and it really shouldn't be!

  • I was hoping for under 15s 1/4 mile and around 6s or under 0-60

  • You'll get both with practice/better tyres!

  • radekkm who is on here very occasionally has 1/4 times of 14.7 @ 98.61 and best of 14.39 @ 98.79 ( KLZE )
    link; http://www.youtube.com/user/radekkm#p/u/10/RHJ0SfMUfgM


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